What are some of the most useful PS mask use tips?

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Masks to pull the map, you can also create some magical effects, today Ken students will be some commonly used mask skills to share out, use it to achieve cool effect, a rise posture!

Make half of the image black and white

Copy the background layer, go to the color, create a mask, and fill a black and white gradient on the mask.

  Make black and white photos stand out in color

Copy the background layer, go to the color, create a mask, and select the parts that need color highlighting.

  Super sharpen with layer masks

Copy the background layer, apply the USM sharpening filter, add a black mask, with a white brush in the eyes, lips, nose, lips where the need to strengthen the edge of the painting, paint when appropriate adjust the hardness and opacity of the brush.

  Select the shadow of the body

For example, put down the dumbbell and its shadow.

Use the quick selection tool to buckle the dumbbell body, a sky-blue background to foil.

Select the background layer, press ctrl+alt+2, then select the background of the high light, and then reverse the selection, create a new layer, the foreground color is set to black, and then press Alt+delete

Finally done.

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