What are some of the non-known, ultra-practical data visualization tools?

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It happens that you are also a tool fan, and there is a little bit of research on data visualization and information visualization, where you can share some simple and fun visualization tools that you might be able to use.

When it comes to visualization, it's definitely a infographic, first of several infographics:

Artifact 1: Online infographics authoring Tool

Foreign information visualization industry has developed quite mature, which also spawned a lot of online information charting tools, of which there are more than 3 well-known, using them, five minutes you can make a super-nice infographics!

  (1) Infogram

An earlier online authoring tool, the highlight is the support for real-time data refresh, and the production of infographics support in multi-terminal display.

  (2) Venngage

The highlight of this tool is its own ultra-free template, ultra-many layout options, color trend bold.

  (3) Piktochart

Very similar to the previous one, but not enough free templates ~

With more, you will find that the function of these fool-type tools are similar, their only difference is: Each has a good-looking template, good-looking chart ~

Let's take piktochart as an example to briefly describe the features of these tools:

Generally choose a good template, you can go to the production page, the left is the toolbar, the right is the editing area, the top right corner is download and publish buttons and so on ~

In the left toolbar you can configure various charts, text boxes, icons, maps and other elements, such as I selected the chart control, will pop up a configuration window, more than 10 types of chart for you to select and edit ~

In addition, we can modify the data directly based on the original chart of the template:

It is worth mentioning that Piktochart also offers ppt templates, poster templates and news templates!

Venngage also offers similar templates, and there are subdivisions under each big category!

More powerful features, we can play one by one, here do not expand ~ we continue to say.

The tools described above are cool, but there is one drawback: Chinese is not supported.

You may need the following home-made artifact-the maker sticker

Artifact 2: Maker sticker

The creator sticker is an easy-to-use online graphic design tool.

Similar to foreign online tools, look at the interface you know ~ ~ Use it can also make infographics, and support Chinese input.

The specific operation is not verbose, we understand.

In addition, it also very ground gas, direct hit pain point. In addition to the online production of infographics, you can also create micro-blog cover, the public number of the first image, business cards, small cards and so on ...

Of course, as a new domestic tool, there are many shortcomings need to improve ~

For example: No chart control, the chart can not actually edit the data ... For example, this column chart, want to modify only self-stretching ...

The column chart also says it can be stretched, but the pie chart is ...

According to your stomach (anyway), refueling optimization, for the benefit of everyone!

The Imitation object of the creator--canva

The creators of the original imitation is a foreign super-powerful online design tools Canva, the original interface long like this:

There is no doubt that Canva also has a large number of beautiful templates, some incredibly still have Chinese elements! Try one of the monkey templates and edit it to find that the font displayed is Microsoft Black, and that this tool also supports Chinese editing!

Canva also provides a number of controls, including a chart control!

Click to open the chart control a look, crouching slot Super Multi-chart template!!

Then drag it out to find out ... Also cannot edit the data, can only change the color, and the font size, heartbreak ...

Well, it seems to be a professional chart.

Since we are talking about charts, we have to mention the following artifact:

Artifact 3: Baidu · An illustration

Baidu diagram is based on the Baidu Open source chart plugin echarts A fool-style charting tool. Speaking, even if you don't have a code base, you can make a dick-fried dynamic interactive chart in a few minutes, and it's H5 format!

The illustrated illustrations provide a variety of dynamic chart templates:

Also provides a very detailed configuration parameters panel, a little research will be able to understand ~

Once the chart is configured, clicking the "Share" button will bring up a sharing pane. At this point, click on the WeChat icon, will also automatically generate two-dimensional code!

In this way, you can easily make a copy of the H5 data report using the illustrated diagram!

This is my original illustration of a small work-"anti-Vice", you are interested to see, all the charts can be interactive Oh ~

Perhaps because this is a free tool, a lot of features are not perfect, such as the page too long easy to crash, such as the configuration interface is not simple and user-friendly, etc...

This is a love and hate tool, looking forward to the new version of the upgrade!

Speaking of H5 Data report, there is also a H5 tool, which also has a chart function.

Artifact 4:"maka" free H5 page

Perhaps a lot of students have used Maka, but few students have used Maka statistical template. The Statistics Template Library contains a variety of commonly used chart styles and layouts, which can be applied directly by modifying the data.

A simple design of the chart is also available on the right.

Maka originally is not the main chart, the chart function naturally not strong, can only take to emergency. But with its own magazine-level template, can be assembled in minutes to a high-value h5~

All right, go play for yourself.

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