What are some of the very simple PS tips that look big but are actually very easy?

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The effect of the following figure:

Original artwork, no slots and G-points.

Balabala Energy, mainly look at the charm of temperament seal inflammation explosive secret surgery.

More than a tall, almost turned over the serfs to sing, Baba Black

And all it takes is one action (a face to stare)

Important thing to say three times

An action

An action

An action

Movement of the Portal: Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1jHsw3UQ (Support CS3 5 6, and cc+)

  The first type, the Master Yi Long technology to make Yi

First for those PS novice, or even 0 basis of the beauty of the United States and shame the weak popular science under the PS Action, action is the PS when the operation of the recording step, on the sauce.

Because this action is originated from the foreign great God's handwriting, so the recording environment is also in the English context, so before using this action, the first step is to change the language.

To open the PS installation location, find the Locales folder, and its subdirectories under the ZH CN, point open its next support files-tw10428, change the name

I was so changed, in order to facilitate the restoration, when you need the Chinese interface, change back to the original, very simple.

  Second type

Download the action file in the cloud, there is a brush file in the folder, you have to import to PS, note that the wording, is to replace the brush, replace brushes, click on the top left corner brush position, and then click on the upper right corner of the small set icon, the following list appears.

After the blue entry, choose Firestorm burshes.

  Third type

All right, here we go. The most critical loading step, open the picture, attention is that kind of high-quality pictures, suggest 1500px–3500px, like the internet casually grilled pictures do not waste feelings, because the flame effect is particularly lifelike, can buckle the details of the kind, smoke and sparks are particularly delicate, relative to the need for a large map to carry.

New layer, CTRL +shift+n, and then name the layer as brush, must be spelled correctly, otherwise unrecognized.

Next, in the layer where you need to add the flame effects of the brush paint, brush using the 3rd Brush

This step begins to import action, ALT+F9 shortcut key Export Action Panel, click on the top right corner of the panel icon, appear on the list above, press load actions, open the downloaded action file, according to the PS version load action.

The panel will have 5 effects preset, respectively right, left, top, bottom, middle

Click the key, PS will automatically run.

Because the right side of the map is left white part, so the effect of choosing right, on this layer file group, you can also choose smoke, sparks and their effects can be modified, more closely to the reality.

The effect can be widely used in poster design, a treasure art, photography later just need to say.

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