What are the common functions of Ali Wangwang?

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Any shop, want to business good, inseparable from the salesperson to the customer's enthusiasm, professional reception. In Alibaba, "Ali Wangwang" is such a role. How to make use of good Wang Wang, play its due function? Some commonly used functions, we first through the following points for you to introduce under:

* How to change the personal data in Wang Wang

* How to send the information to others?

* How to cancel the sound of the message on Wang Wang?

"How to change the personal data in Wang Wang"

1, click on Ali Wangwang Main window of your avatar;

Ali Wangwang Page-1

2, in the pop-up window to modify your personal data, such as name, sex, occupation, etc., and then click the "OK" button can be:

Ali Wangwang Page-2

What is the request of the personal information picture in the member material?

If you want to be in the member material personal information picture uploads the file, the size cannot surpass 200k, the size best does not surpass 1024*768, the format is: JPG or GIF (picture's color mode is RGB).

"How do you send information to someone?"

There are two ways to send, first open to send information to the other side of the Wang Wang dialog window:

1, the file or folder down the left button directly dragged to the window, will appear to send a hint;

2, through the dialogue window "file" Send the key, from the computer to find the location of the file, OK.

Ali Wangwang Page-3

Friendly reminder:

1, send the file can be a single file, you can also choose the "Send File" button under the "Send Folder" package sent (without compression);

2, sent when friends offline or stealth, you can choose to send online or offline files, offline files can be retained for 7 days.

"How to cancel the message reminding sound in Wang Wang?"

You can follow these steps:

1, you can login Ali Wangwang, click on the main menu label;

Ali Wangwang Page-4

2, in the Drop-down window, select "System Settings"--"Chat settings"-"Message Reminder", on the open page, you can according to their own needs, for the type of alert to choose to see if you need to surfaced or sound prompts, do not need to remove the tick can be.

Ali Wangwang Page-5

Other features of the use of Wang Wang, you can refer to the appropriate courses to view.

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