What are the differences among the former friends such as zookeeper, AdobeEdgeAnimate, Reflow, Code, Inspect, and Fonts? What are the progresses compared with FW? -

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0 reply: FW is an ancient heritage of MacroMedia. It has been killed since MM was acquired by Adobe.
Old users may know many features of FW, which were far-fetched almost 10 years ago:
For example, the element (Symbol) object mode (object) CSS panel reading (CSS Pannel) page (artboard) and so on
These things are gradually highlighted in the increasingly updated Sketch.

On the contrary, Adobe keeps porting the function from him to his son, but stealing the chicken is useless.
Let's look at the bloated PS. Although we claim that we are slowly working on the webdesign update method
However, the huge architecture leaves a lot of criticism. Many native features similar to FW have to be implemented by third-party plug-in.

Adobe Edge Animate, Reflow, Code, Inspect, and Fonts are webpage-based
FW is used in the UI and prototype, and there is no comparability.

Something of progress has appeared many years ago, but it's just a little bit of money for a friend or a son.
How can I see the light on my face when the child is taller than my son?

Stakeholder: the first few users in FW 12 years focused on drawing a webpage. FW draws a design draft with a lot of personal nonsense. I hope the subject will forgive me ......

The subject is about Adobe's Edge series ......

First of all, this tool is intended for web designer outside China. As we all know, it is always more professional to do things ......), In addition to professional design standards, many foreign designers are also responsible for page implementation, including the animation effect, or even using the template framework for data filling, at present, due to the concept of literature and science in China, many front-ends are actually transferred from the backend. They prefer to be technical and have a low sensitivity to the visual aspect, generally, they are responsible for designing specialized artists/UIS (but there will certainly be more front-ends for designing code in the future ~), So it can be said that this tool has a narrow application scenario in China ......

Then the question about the subject:

Edge Animate-as mentioned above, this is An animation generation tool. It is well known that Flash is hard to be applied on all devices due to performance and compatibility issues. An uses html + css + js, in addition, animations are generated based on some features of the new standard to adapt to more scenarios.

Edge Reflow-a responsive design tool. In fact, there are still not many responsive websites in China. In addition to some first-class Internet companies with great design outsourcing and technology, responsive websites are still quite rare ...... In addition, it's not just about mounting bootstrap, it's about responding ...... That's too simple ............

Edge Code-Code editor, which is also the most widely used currently. Its core is actually an open-source Adobe project Brackets. At present, I only use webstorm and webstorm. This editor is very lightweight, top UI likes, and has complete plug-ins (emmet, common front-end syntax highlighting, uppu/canot, command line, etc ), the most powerful is its instant preview function, which is completely different from Dw's poor preview function. Instead, it is directly previewed in the browser, you no longer have to switch and refresh several pixels in a crazy way ...... 5 stars recommended

Edge Inspect-plug-in form, similar to web inspector and firebug, ...... It has a mobile version! Yes, it's so heartless.

Edge Web Fonts -- As mentioned above, this is powered by typekit ...... When a foreigner is a website, he will always like to use a Custom font. I will also want to use a cool font like futura, avenir, and lato! However, it is a pity that the Chinese font is limited, and most Chinese websites use 12 or 13 PX text fonts, so there is no choice for font sizes under win ...... Therefore, custom fonts are rarely seen in China. Unless your website has a relatively large font design (such as a simplified book) or is only intended for mobile or Apple users (is there such an amazing demand ?), The Custom font is also good! In addition, Typekit currently only has one Chinese font (sisource ), and you will not want to use it for its domestic access speed.

There is actually a Phonegap Build. If you know Phonegap, it should be called Cordova now? You should know what this is. It is actually a cloud application that helps you quickly package, deploy, and distribute your code. You have never tried it before.

-- What are the progresses compared with FW?

FW is a drawing software. Hello! It seems to be developed by media or another company. After being acquired, I changed my name to tease me. I don't know much about this stuff, but it is actually just used for drawing pictures, edge is more inclined to implement your design as code. So although the subject said progress, I don't think they are comparable.

Finally, if the subject is a design-oriented front-end or is determined to be a design-oriented front-end, use it happily! Before asking a question, you can go to the official website to check the publicity page.
Edge Animate-you do not need to write code to output HTML5 animations.
Reflow -- response page without coding
Code -- page source Code editing tool
Inspect -- page Element check tool
Fonts -- what is this? Do you want to talk about TypeKit? Online font solution.

Fireworks, one of the three swordsmen on the web page of the last century, was mainly used to draw small icons, borders, and other decorative elements on the web page. As CSS develops, there are fewer users. The differences and relationships between Adobe Edge Animate, Reflow, Code, Inspect and Fonts are still being studied and will be supplemented later. But as a UI Designer who has been using FW for a long time, these and FW are not a type of software at all. Although these can be directly used to generate Web pages, the main purpose of Adobe to develop these software does not seem to be designed for UI high fidelity. So let alone improvement over FW ......

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