What are the differences and similarities between WebService and Ajax?

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1. Both are implemented using XML technology,
2. Both use the HTTP protocol.
3. Both implement data exchange between different development languages on different platforms

But there are many differences between the two.
1. WebServices is a server technology, mainly used in the background for variousProgramProviding services using the original soap (Simple Object Access Protocol) mainly solves the problem of providing an ideal business data security exchange between organizations or institutions.

2. ajax is the Client technology, which is widely used in XMLHTTP. It mainly solves the problem that the browser is currently passive, so that the client can actively obtain information from the server, it becomes a rich client program, which reduces program work on the server and server load, and makes the client more flexible and powerful. it has greater superiority than WebServices, because we can provide data services similar to WebServices without modifying our server website programs,

3. The web service is not restricted by the browser of the client, but it is necessary to write Ajax.

4. Ajax is a way of writing, while Web Service
It is a standard, that is to say, Ajax requires the relevant background pages to work with, and the Web service exists independently and is called by other actors.

5. Web
Service is an architecture with good scalability and distribution. Ajax is a blank field in architecture.

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