What are the different series of ASUS graphics in ASUS video card?

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Perhaps many friends on the Internet have also seen a lot about the difference between the brand graphics card, but with the rapid development of computer hardware, a lot of accurate graphics series difference is not so detailed, resulting in many friends do not have a unified standard.

In view of the above situation, the small compiled specially looked up the common graphics card each brand, has studied each graphics card brand corresponding has which series, summarizes the written, prepares and everybody to share together. The first thing to bring to you is the series of ASUS graphics card and the different description of the ASUS video card series.

  What are the series of ASUS video cards

ASUS video card is mainly divided into Rog player Country series, Knight series and mini series three series, the three series from high-end, midrange, low-end.

  The difference between the various series of ASUS graphics card

  1, ROG player Country series:

For the crowd: there is a very high performance requirement for the graphics card, catching the ultimate overclocking experience player.

The Asus ROG Player Country series is tailored for high-end overclocking users and high-end gamers, each with an ASUS top-end graphics production technology and workmanship. At the same time, some of the limited edition of the graphics card also from the series, it is ASUS the highest end of the graphics series, obviously the series price is the same model inside the most expensive.

Here small set for everyone to recommend several fever level Asus ROG Player Country Series video card, as follows.

Asus ROG strix-gtx1070-o8g-gaming Raptor, asus ROG Strix GTX1080 Raptor War owl version 8G, asus ROG strix-gtx1060-6g-gamingpci-e3.0.

  2, Knight series:

The series is second only to the ROG series of graphics cards, it is worth mentioning that the Knight series can be divided into poultry Strix series and DIRECTCU series. At present, the Knight series can be divided into two separate methods, namely, the Dragon Knight, the Paladin, the Ice Knight, the Knight of War and the Eagle Knight.

① Raptor Strix Series: The series is designed for gamers, whose thermal design, frequency size and workmanship are also high in production, plus ASUS ' proprietary technology, making the series the ASUS video card after the ROG series.

Here are a few examples of common ASUS Raptor Strix series graphics cards, as follows.

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