What are the excellent open-source php projects worth learning on github?

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Select a project based on your current level, and do not expect to quickly learn the skills of PHP programming by reading the code. Do not focus too much on tips. Read the code to understand the architecture of a set of codes, especially the concepts in the architecture. This is the most important thing to understand. There is no need for good code ~ It's enough to see what stage you are in.

For entry-level users, I recommend PHPCMS ~ Although this stuff hasn't been updated for a long time ~ However, in the PHP 5.3 era, I think it is definitely worth noting that such code can be written. In addition, we recommend that you see some exposed PHPCMS vulnerabilities. This is also worth reading ~ Nowadays, many developers have a poor security awareness ~ Resulting in a bunch of code vulnerabilities ~ Ziadoz/awesome-php · GitHub Today, my colleagues are just open-source.
Hisune/tinymvc · GitHub Self-Recommendation
Https://github.com/lincanbin/Carbon-Forum (Demo: Carbon Forum )
A simple forum that does not use a third-party framework, similar to a topic discussion forum.
Simple structure, highly encapsulated authentication, requests, databases, error pages, etc. The backend of a page is usually dozens of lines.

I think it is good to learn, including XSS filtering, SQL injection, and compatibility with PHP earlier versions (such as magic quotes, ArrayColumn), regular expressions, and mobile terminal adaptive (DOING) common points such as ISAPI_Rewrite compatibility, fully automated installation scripts, and complicated string & Array Operations under IIS are involved.
It is easy to read, because the framework is useless and the amount of code is relatively small.
At the same time, the database structure design and script execution efficiency are relatively high. The response time for each page is generally 1 ~ Between 5 ms. In the web direction, so many open source web framework, pure php laravel/thinkphp, php extension yaf/phalcon, and composer tool class https://github.com/walkor/workerman I know a Yootheme pagekit

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