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Junior designers Learn to do addition, and senior designers learn to do subtraction. Today in minimalist style website design For example, teach students from which aspects of the site to do subtraction. Minimalism is not deleted, but to extract the essence, choose the right, want to light this skill, to learn >>>

The use of white minimalism is one of the major trends in modern design. A good use of white people can often make your page first look very refreshing, but in fact, with a small number of elements and a lot of white to do the design is still a bit difficult. Even in some cases your customers don't like it, because they always want to put more information on the page as much as possible.

But many designers regard minimalist style as a challenge. Minimalist Web pages can be converted at different terminals, and of course also suitable for printing, page design and packaging design. Next, let's analyze a particularly awesome case of minimalism.

Clever use of white leaves


Every time a designer talks about minimalism, there is always a "WYSIWYG" attitude. Because there are actually no rules to help you use minimalist design.

Here are some of the contributions that most designers agree on. Minimalist design styles include:

Discard complexity, use basic elements

Simple functional interaction

Small details that can carry the entire project

Large amount of white leaves

Use simple and small amounts of color

Just one or two fonts

Simple content

Minimalist design is not just a theory of image design. Minimalist shipping is used in art, music, fashion, home furnishings and literature. Whenever people talk about minimalism, the phrase "less is" will often be repeated. Although it does sound corny, it is one of the best ways to describe minimalism.

The use of white leaves is the most important step in minimalist design. But it's only when you use a little bit more of the element, the more open space. To create an effective design project, you have to think from the start.

Concise content

You should design for content, content is everything.

If you want to create a minimalist design, remember that it must not overload the information. The style of the content should match the outline of the design style.

When designing the content, you may ask yourself the following questions:

Is it easy to understand?

Is it easy to express to the user?

is the image and text concise enough?

Can your ideas be communicated to people without explanation?

If your answer is, then a simple outline is formed. Otherwise, you should pause and think about how these problems should be resolved.

Forget all the design skills

In the past few years, designers have been discussing a lot about flat design and physical design, which is the birth of minimalist abstract art, because designers have given up all the design skills and principles.

So when you want to design a very simplified style, this is also the most important place to consider. Design needs to discard those little tricks unless they are absolutely necessary. For shadows, exaggerated textures, picture borders and fonts all need to be noticed enough.

Eliminate all, and think carefully about the basics of design elements-colors, types, spaces, grids, and essential design elements.

Focus on the details

The details are all for the content service. In a very simplified design, objects and elements should not be hidden in your design. Every detail is very important, so be cautious.

Notice the details as well as the grid lines and alignment elements. A well-organized design looks more harmonious, considering the user's sense of interaction in order to create a good element.

Colors need a Purpose

Sometimes simplifying design can make people naturally think of the visual sense of Black-and-white design. But despite the trend, it's also possible to use colors in a very simplified design.

Choose a canvas with the underlying hue, and a color with moderate lightness and saturation. Adhere to only one or two colors, light is also the case.

Think about where your colors are used, the background of your design, or the design elements you use for emphasis? Keep using this color.

Think about your typography.

Typography and color are also important in the design project, and it needs to be straightforward.

Sans serif fonts are a common font in a very simplified design. The font is usually used as the main element of the image, and increasing the bold is the focus of the vision. Your handwriting is so readable that your work will be effective.

When you think about typography, the text on the canvas is as important as the typography. If your design is concise, your text should be just as simple. Don't let your design load too much of a problem. You have to stick to the icon and brand you want to express, then your navigation and title in just a few lines of words is enough.

Use a lot of white leaves

White-keeping is a key step in simplifying design. If there are not too many images and text elements, then there must be a lot of white space.

When using the blanks, your design should be open. At first you have to make sure that the elements of your design that you use are blank.

Then think about the relationship between your design and the other elements. Add an outer margin to your image as a whole and keep it between text ranges so that it can be clicked.

The gaps in each of your elements are actually emphasized, and the blank use of your elements is purposeful and consistent with the newspaper. If you are free to use blank space, your design will feel cluttered and you can use the grid to help you organize your design well.

Edit Design

This is a significant step. After you have finished the first draft of your design, edit it well. Further simplify your design because it is possible that you still use too many elements.

Select a focus and then remove all surrounding elements. Then get rid of elements on your page that are completely unrelated to your focus. If necessary you can add your design elements back, so you can be assured of bold to remove more elements. Repeat these steps and you will understand what is not necessary for your design.

People often argue that there is no element to be removed, so you might as well try a different design method. Do you really need to:

Icons and social media?

Advertising and popular language?

RSS feeds or other popular columns?

Multi-level menu?

The few I mentioned above are the golden rules of minimalist design, and in many minimalist projects, the above points are some of the things I have to think about in my first draft. Usually they include your business brand, title, navigation bar and blank.

If you have a problem, leave your design for a while and come back later. Then continue to modify. Then remove some of the elements and remove the design elements until you feel uncomfortable, then add it back.


When we talk about minimalism, we use only elements that are readable and have high usage rates. Everything else is decorated.

Minimalist design is a way to get your design back to its source. In many cases we are overly designed, and many design elements and decorations look cluttered and stacked. You can use the above thinking way to think about how your design will be rebuilt.

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