What are the millet router plug-ins?

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Millet Router plug-in encyclopedia to slightly ~, small series brought the Millet router extension rollup, what is more useful third-party plug-ins it? If you already have the millet router, may wish to try it.

Plugin Name: Thundertask

Plugin Author: @ The clatter of cicadas

Introduction to the plug-in: Crack remote download simultaneous task limit of the number of Plug-ins

Plugin name: Shadowsocks for Miroute

Plugin Author: @fw867

Introduction to Plug-ins: The advantages of using shadowsocks on routers are higher efficiency, slightly higher than IPSec and PPTP, so far relatively stable (less intrusive) and relatively secure, server-side and client configuration are relatively simple, not error-prone; All the devices under the router can be configured with 0 automatic xx, you know; compared to goagent (the basic Memorial of mourning), the requirements of the package are very small.

Plugin Name: Wonderbox

Introduction: Easy to share, let outside friends connect your specialized NAS.

Plugin Name: One-click Installation LLMP

Plugin Author: @loverlf

Introduction: Easy to build their own site in the Millet route.

Plugin name: Adblock for Miwifi

Plugin Author: @lyl9021

Plug-in Introduction: Web Advertising screen.

Plug-in name: Phddns Peanut Shell Dynamic DNS

Plugin Author: @rediceli

Introduction: Oray Peanut Shell Dynamic Domain name analysis can be implemented under the dynamic IP site, VPN, FTP, video surveillance, remote sensing mapping and many other applications.

Plugin Name: dr.com client

Plugin Author: @rediceli

Introduction: Dr.com is for the campus network users to use the billing software, the use of this plug-in can make campus network through the millet router to share, in the campus network environment using millet router.

Plugin Name: Router Status View

Plugin Author: @ Schutt

Introduction: Always check the latest operation of the router, including CPU, internal usage and temperature.

Plug-in Name: Ruijie Authentication Client Mentohust

Plugin Author: @rediceli

Introduction: Mentohust is a support for Windows, Linux, Mac OS Rui Jie certification program (with support Purcell certification), but from now on, it supports the millet router.

Plugin name: Aria2 Download Tool

Plugin Author: @rediceli

Introduction to Plug-ins: ARIA2 is a command line run, Multi-Protocol, multi-source Download tool (Http/https, FTP, BitTorrent, Metalink), support through the Third-party Web interface for management, the plug-in default includes the ARIA2 and a Web management interface.

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