What are the network management-type switch port convergence features

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If there is no port aggregation on the switch. Your two computers are connected by two wires. is a loop, and it affects both the switch and the connected computer. Therefore, the port aggregation function is very important for the Internet Café switch.

Provides a brief overview of the management switch port aggregation capabilities.

One, the main function of the Net-bar network management switch port:

is to bind multiple physical ports (typically 2-8) to a logical channel, making them work like a channel. When multiple physical links are bundled together, not only enhance the entire Internet bar network bandwidth, and the data can also be bound by a number of physical links transmission, with link redundancy, in the network failure or other reasons to disconnect one or more links, the remaining link can work.

Second, the main application of Internet Bar network management switch port convergence:

1, the port convergence function is used to be connected with the server, to provide the server with exclusive high bandwidth.

2, the port convergence function for the cascade between the switches, by sacrificing the number of ports to the switch between the data exchange to provide a bundle of high bandwidth, improve network speed, break through the network bottleneck, and then greatly improve network performance.

3, the port convergence can provide load balancing capacity and system fault tolerance. Because trunk real-time balance the flow of each switch port and server interface, once a certain port fails, it will automatically remove the fault port from the trunk group, and then redistribute the flow of each convergence port, so as to achieve system fault tolerance.

Third, the Internet Bar network management type switch port convergence configuration:

1, Login webui-> Advanced Configuration-> Port Aggregation page:

2, select the convergence port, and save

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