What are the phases of learning Java ?, Java stage

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What are the phases of learning Java ?, Java stage

Stage 1:

1. JAVA syntax and basics, including loops .. Related content of the class, such as implementation and inheritance.

2. you need to master several key sets, including the List interface's two sub-classes, role List and ArrayList. Then there are two sub-classes of Map, HashMap and HashTable. It is easy to learn Set after the Set interface has mastered the List; measure the test taker's knowledge about the differences between Collection and Collections.

3. Master the IO chapter, focusing on several streams: InputStream, OuputStream; BufferedReader, BufferedWrite;

ObjectInputStream, ObjectOutputStream, PrintWriter, FileReader, and FileWriter Understand JAVA serialization and master the File class of JAVA.

4. JDBC is very important. Focus on Connection, PreparedStatement, Statement, and ResultSet. If you encounter other problems in your learning or project, you can learn them again. However, focus on the first few items in the early stage,

We recommend that you use MySql to download the Navicat for MySQL management tool.

5. If you want to get started quickly, skip these steps,

Including: thread, network programming, GUI Programming

Okay. Now you can proceed to the second stage.

1. You don't need to talk about HTML + JAVASCRIPT. You can understand how much you know and CSS.

2. JSP + Servlet. You need to master several key points: Request, Response, Session, and Application.

In addition, you need to know the differences between Redirect, ForWard, and Servlet lifecycle.

3. labels: (1) Understanding EL expressions; (2) it is best to master JSTL labels, but If JSP labels are mastered, learning JSTL is also very simple, the key is iteration tag and formatting tag,

4. Learning AJAX is simple and requires no further research.

5. After understanding the above, you can continue to learn the frameworks: Struts2.0; Hibernate3; Spring 2.0

6. If you have done all of the above, and you have two or three projects in the meantime, OK, you can join the job.

This is just a guide for new people, not all JAVA has to learn.

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