What are the precautions when using the mechanical keyboard?

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What are the precautions when using the mechanical keyboard?

First, purchase and use

1, Personal purchase mechanical keyboard can first to the relevant forum, stick or QQ group to understand, see which type of keyboard more suitable for their own. Such as: Office can use brown, red, green shaft body of the mechanical keyboard; The game is suitable to use black, brown two;

2, mechanical keyboard theoretically, the key/shaft can reach tens of millions of times of life, but in peacetime use to reduce soot/dust, as well as the intrusion of liquids. Moreover, the mechanical keyboard after the use of a period of time, to clean up before the placement, otherwise, the mechanical axis of shrapnel will be used, air contact, damp and other factors caused by the oxidation of the combo or failure and so on.

3, therefore, the mechanical keyboard is more fragile than the thin-film keyboard, use and after use to pay attention to protection, develop good habits.

1 wash hands when using, try not to smoke/soot do not fall on the keyboard;

2 after the use of simple cleaning, hair dryer can be used to blow a blow, and the keyboard cover or cloth cover.

Second, mechanical keyboard FAQ

In the market on the mechanical keyboard, whether it is cherry shaft, or Kaihua or proprietary brand axis, are not omnipotent, in addition to the mechanical axis of its own theoretical life, the objective conditions are also the main factors to accelerate the axis of poor.


1, batter mainly occurs in smoking, dust, humidity and other environments.

Example: In the hot, humid environment (especially in the southern coastal areas), the use of axial shrapnel is very easy to oxidize, and even the phenomenon of the key card (with the majority of the green shaft, because the green axis is a two-stage structure, will lead to Kari).

Some people may encounter, the use of a few times, the keyboard but there is a combo or can not be a word of the phenomenon. This is because there is no maintenance after use, or moisture causes shrapnel oxidation.

2. Then, why does the dust enter the shaft? The mechanical axis is not a closed structure, when the key presses the upper and lower axis of the shaft will produce voids, the resulting small airflow enough to cause soild into the shaft, resulting in shaft damage. So that there are 1 dozen, out of a few or dozen 3, out of 2 phenomenon.

3, in addition, the use of personal habits will also lead to the key to the combo or card astringent.

Example: After smoking smoke to see the keyboard has soot, the keyboard turned over the beat, and then came over to continue to use. This is wrong, it will aggravate the keyboard key poor speed.

4, Batter treatment mode:

1 First, remove the key cap, then use the hair dryer to clean the soild, and then brush away the dust in the keyboard gap with the waste teeth (the toothbrush can be wrapped cloth, a little wet after wiping), pay attention not to use alcohol and other liquids; Finally, the key cap with detergent and other cleaning, dry and put back.

2 If a button has a problem, you can unplug the key cap, press the axis at the same time, with a straw to the bottom of the force blowing a blow (shrapnel position), if the treatment is not resolved, can only change axis treatment.

In addition, the use of shell/key caps for silvery-white child shoes to pay attention to, white usually dust is not easy to detect, but also to clean up in time.

5, Liquid: After the liquid, the keyboard to immediately power off, unplug the USB plug, or the keyboard will have a short circuit risk. In addition, the phenomenon of "string bonding" occurs more and more after entering the liquid. That is: Playing Q out of Qweryuiop and other characters. At this point, can be for the inlet area, unplug the key cap for garbled characters for drying treatment.

6, if the feed, the keyboard has not been processed to cause sugar residue, although the short-term can be used normally, but longer, the keyboard PCB and components will accelerate oxidation caused by the keyboard no function or key failure. At this time the maintenance, equivalent to "mend", even if the repair process, can only use a short time (PCB infiltration will lead to poor internal wiring).

7, the treatment of the liquid after the way:

1 If you enter a common type of pure water, after the use of paper towels and other dry water drying, and the cold air dryer to dry treatment; In addition, can use food desiccant to assist, there is miraculous.

2 If the entry is Sugar, cola and other non-oil liquids, it is recommended to open the keyboard, remove the inner plate, with warm water (45 degrees or so) on the area of the liquid to rinse, and then use (1) Point method treatment, generally dry 2-3 days can be used.

3 If you enter the noodle soup and other oily liquids, you can open the inner plate with detergent + toothbrush to the liquid into the region to clean, and then dry treatment, with (1).


The most important two points to use the mechanical keyboard is to keep away from soot and liquid, and to pay attention to maintenance after use.

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