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I have been busy recently. I have no time to view the current situation of Idol Andy Lau, and I have no time to write it.Blog.


A few days ago, the boss complained to me that our course system had not been updated for a long time. The implication was that I had to take some action. I think so too. In this case, if you don't move, you have to make a big move. Under the whim, it took me two months to prepare a big plan. It seems that the two months have to be written.Blog.

Busy means being full. Well, these days are hard-working courseware, drinking water, and going to the bathroom. There was a joke in the middle: I went to the bathroom in the afternoon and met29He was very excited to say: Xu Dear teacher, every time I go to the bathroom, I can meet you. Khan! Is that true ?!


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