What can hackers do with python?

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Remember the first few days evi1m0 the big god cracked the router answer, someone asked me how to do, I wrote a simple Python script.
About cracking the router password
The bottom is the Python script what can a hammer do? You can look at the Python grey Hat, which is based on Python and tends to be reversed. As much as you can do without python, you can do a remote overflow exp, scanner. Can be in memory injection code, local overflow, kill, etc., can also load a variety of DLLs and call system functions, is a home travel kill people kill necessary medicine Ah! The visual questioner, like me, is a person who wants to learn python or just get started. Read the many answers upstairs. It seems to be a very powerful look. But such a powerful language after learning it can really do it ... For example, now in the school has learned C language, but also know what to do with C language what, but they really do not AH!! To live a few more years ...
Lord I am serious, python you can think of the basic security-related can do, but Python can do other languages can do, then, why with Python, syntax loosely, easy to learn, coding efficiency, with a strong module support, especially in network programming!!! Very easy to implement attacks.
In summary, hackers with Python, is to live a few more years, to be a hacker easy? It is only a language, more in favor of natural language programming language. Python development efficiency is relatively high, exp reverse overflow encryption decryption and so on can be used. A lot of the basics of getting started with infiltration are some Scripting Guys, and when they reach a certain level find script kid is nothing too much technical content and promising. Many people start to learn programming, Python entry threshold is lower, very suitable for writing exp and overflow program shadowsocksssltest.py
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