What can I do if I cannot log on to the TP-LINK ID? Cannot log on TP-LINK ID work und

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The TP-LINK ID is used to connect a vro to an ECS instance. If the vro networking is successful but you cannot log on after entering the TP-LINK ID and password, refer to the following troubleshooting methods:



Note:: The TP-LINK ID function is unavailable when the router is used as a vSwitch (wireless AP.




Make sure that the TP-LINK ID and password you entered are correct and are case sensitive and special characters.



If the DNS server is incorrect or unstable, it may cause a failure to resolve the domain name of the ECS, you can try to modify the DNS server of the WAN port of the router and then log on to the TP-LINK ID again.

Setting method: In the vro management interfaceRoute settings>Internet settings,Advanced SettingsManually enter DNS, click Save.



The router uses WDS wireless bridge front-end wireless signal or WAN port cascade front-end master router, if the front-end router to enable Internet access control, firewall and other functions, can cause the cloud router can not log on to the TP-LINK ID.


We recommend that you disable the browser router's internet restrictions and then try logging on to the TP-LINK ID.


Some broadband lines are unstable or related restrictions may cause TP-LINK ID login failure, it is recommended to try to replace other broadband line comparison test.



If the TP-LINK ID remains unsuccessful after troubleshooting, you can contact 400-8863-400 or send an email to The fae@tp-link.com.cn for technical support.
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