What conditions are needed to build a home network

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We generally want to set up their own small local area network, the general need for hardware devices have AFDSL Modem, routers, computers, network cables. Here is how to set up a router, the establishment of a small home LAN specific steps and methods, I hope to help you!

First prepare the tools!

Cat one!! You've bought it yourself!! But Huawei's good to say!

Routing one! I take tp-linkr402 for example!

Cable n Root! Look how many machines you have! Just buy a couple of wires! Remember to buy the wire when you want to put the crystal head back!

Take it all back home! First, rip off the phone line of your home telephone! and plug it into the wire that came with the cat! And then one of the two lines is inserted in the telephone one in the cat! Then put the cat's network cable on the route! (Note: Cat's network cable to be inserted in the first hole in the route) and then the route above the network cable inserted in each computer's network card face! Then open the routing and the Cat! See if the local connection is connected! This can be seen in the online neighborhood!

After the network cable is done! Let's set up TCP/IP to turn on the Network Neighborhood and then select Local Connection Properties! You can see the TCP/IP in the inside! And then set it to be automatic or ip! save it! Let's set the route!

Open ie! Enter in the address bar

Then enter the account password admin!

Open the Settings Wizard! Enter your ADSL account number and password on it!

Then open the DCHP server and save it!

Restart Routing and cats! See if you can surf the internet!!

In fact, set the route is very simple! You don't have to be so complicated!

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