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After reading it, I was scared to death. I had only one big finger on my right hand ....


(1) What is a half-month mark?
There is a white arc mark at 1/5 under the nail, which is a half-month mark, which is also called the small sun.
The half-month mark of nails is the line between yin and yang meridians, and represents the essence of the human body. It is also known as the Health circle.
The development of the half-month mark is affected by the nutrition, environment, and physical quality. When the digestion and absorption functions are poor, the half-month mark will be blurred, reduced, or even disappear.
Shows the health status of the human body.

(2) Functions of the half-month mark
Chinese Medicine says: The claw is the muscle of China, while the blood, the gas does not consume to the liver is the blood, the blood does not consume to the kidney is the essence, the essence does not consume to the bone is the marrow.
This is the origin of the essence. The essence is also the vitality. Because the information displayed by the half-month mark is the result of high blood quality, the importance of the trace is obvious.
Role of vitality:
1. Keep all organs in your body.
2. Promote the normal operation of the organs and blood.
3. resist external evil (immune function ).
4. Long-lived anti-aging material.
5. genetic material.
There is a saying in Chinese medicine: refined and strong, refined and weak people are ill, refined and few people are old, refined and dead.
It can be seen that the essence is important. In our daily life, restoring our spirits in time and maintaining our health is conducive to our health. When there is insufficient energy, the most important supplement is protein.
Traditional Chinese Medicine says: "The essence of blood is not enough to make up the taste ."
That is to say, to supplement protein. High quality protein should be neutral, such as milk, eggs, beans, fish, black food (black kidney), seed food, embryonic food, etc. After one month, you can see
A half-month mark has appeared, indicating that the energy has been restored to some extent.
(3) normal half-month mark
1. Quantity
The number of scars in half a month. It is better to have 8 to 10 hands.
2. Form
The area with half-month marks accounts for 1/5 of the nails.
3. Color
The half-month mark should be white, and the more white the better, the more powerful the energy.
(4) abnormal half-month mark
1. Less than half-month marks
The less the half-month mark, the worse the energy, the colder the constitution, that is, the weaker the immunity, and the cold hands and feet.
2. Three types of abnormal half-month marks
① Cold base type-the less the half-month mark, the more cold the non-half-month mark.
The cold type indicates that the body is weak and the Yin cold is strong.
This kind of person's viscera function is low, qi and blood run slowly, easy fatigue, poor spirit, absorption function
Poor, pale, cold hands and feet, heart shock, lethargy, easy to catch a cold, repeated cold, slowly energy decline, decline in constitution, and even phlegm stagnation, Qi and blood stasis, phlegm nodules, easy to generate a tumor.
② Hot bottom type-any small finger also has a half-month mark, all are hot type.
For hot people, the half-month mark is more than 1/5 of their nails.
The increase in the half-month mark indicates that the human body has strong Yang, strong viscera, and good health. However, in the case of illness, the Yang is strong. In this type of person, the function of the viscera is high, which can be seen in red, hot, dry, constipation, and ease of use.
Anger, dry mouth, high food intake, cold, active, even high blood pressure, high blood sugar, easy stroke.
③ Cold and hot staggered type-if the border of the half-month mark is blurred and the color gradually approaches the color of the nail body, it is a cold and hot staggered or yin and yang disorder.
Initial stage: the edge of the half-month mark may not be clear, such as shining.
Middle stage: the half-month mark is reduced.
Later Stage: the half-month mark gradually decreases and disappears.
3. Half-month mark Area
The area of the first half of the month is less than 1/5 of the nail area, indicating insufficient energy and poor gastrointestinal absorption ability.
For example, a half-month mark may suddenly hide, shrink, or disappear, and may suffer from consumable diseases, tumors, and bleeding.
Before the child develops, there is no half-month mark.
Adult nightlife, sexual life too much, half-month marks will disappear, it is difficult to grow out.
② When the half-month mark is greater than 1/5, most of them are myocardial hypertrophy, which is prone to diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, and stroke.
4. The color of the half-month mark
① Milk white-It indicates normal. This type of person is energetic, physical, and physical and mental.
② Gray -- indicates weak sperm, which affects the operation of digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach, and may cause anemia and fatigue.
③ Pink-unclear with the color of the nail body, indicating a decline in the function of the viscera, excessive physical strength consumption, easy to cause diabetes, armor and other diseases.
④ Purple -- it is easy to cause poor blood circulation, insufficient blood supply and oxygen supply, dizziness, headache, and cerebral atherosclerosis.
⑤ Black-mostly seen in severe heart disease, tumors, or long-term medication-induced drug and heavy metal poisoning.
(5) Relationship between half-month marks and fingers
1. Thumb and half-month marks-related lung and spleen
Pink, indicating poor performance of the pancreas, easy to catch a cold, repeatedly catch a cold, fatigue, serious susceptible to diabetes.
2. Half-month marks on the index finger-related gastrointestinal
When it is pink, it indicates poor circulation of the stomach and the large intestine, and natural loss of appetite.
3. A half-month mark in the middle finger is related to the Heart Sutra and mind
In pink, it indicates excessive mental tension, dizziness, headaches, unclear ideas, rising brains, insomnia, and multiple dreams.
4. Half-month marks of the ring finger-connected endocrine
When it is pink, it indicates that the Sanjiao meridian running on the ring finger is abnormal, which is easy to fall in physical fitness and yin and yang disorders. People are easy to feel uncomfortable and women will suffer from irregular menstruation and other gynecological diseases.
5. Finger and half-month marks-connected heart and kidney
Generally, it is difficult for a small finger to produce a half-month mark. When it appears, it is mostly fever. When it is red, it is prone to severe heart disease.
(Reproduced from Douban.com)

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