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thanks to the research on Web Instant Messenger technology (TRACQ, mesh, web-commerce), it is interesting to Ajax, and recently it seems that Ajax is very hot, as evidenced by the search engine results. Baidu found 181,000 related documents, Google found 6,790,000 articles. I think that before the concept of Ajax, it is certain that someone has been using these technologies to do things, but only recently to be fired lively. I'll get the information on the internet sorted out here first.

1. Definition  

Ajax was first proposed by Jesse James Garrett, the original:ajax:a New approach to WEB applications
Web-accepted definition: AJAX is the acronym for asynchronous JavaScript XML, it is not a single technology, but a powerful combination of several technologies. It includes
standardizing rendering using XHTML and CSS;
Implementing dynamic display and interaction with Dom;
Data exchange and processing using XML and XSLT;
Using XMLHttpRequest for asynchronous data reading;
Finally, bind and process all data with JavaScript;

  2. Why use Ajax

As far as I am concerned, I am trying to keep the Web Instant Messenger client from constantly refreshing the pages.
1, through the appropriate AJAX application to achieve a better user experience; 2, the previous work of some server to the client, to help the client idle processing capacity to deal with, reduce the burden of server and bandwidth, so as to save the ISP space and bandwidth rental costs.

3, existing AJAX applications   

MSN Space
Google Groups
Google suggest
Google Maps

  4, Ajax-related articles and resources

  ajax:a New approach to WEB applications Chinese Translation version
  Ajax:getting started Chinese version
  Ajax Internal Communication Documentation
  Ajax Getting started with programming
  Ways to learn Ajax step-by-Step
  Java View Forum Ajax edition

  5, learning Ajax to read the original book

1), XHTML Tutorial (XHTML)
2), JavaScript Authority Guide Fourth Edition (javascript:the definitive Guide)
3), XML Advanced Programming (Professional XML)
4), website reconfiguration (designing with WEB standards)

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