What do you mean, the HQ, SQ, non-destructive music in the shrimp music, Dom?

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When we listen to songs in music players, such as shrimp music, Dom music, and so on, in some songs will appear in front of the HQ, sq or lossless words, and some songs are not, then some people have questions, what do these representatives mean? What's the difference between them and do they have an effect on listening to music? Let's explain what this means.

In fact, they all represent the music quality of a song, where HQ is high quality, sq represents Quality (Super Quality), is an almost lossless music, and non-destructive is the best quality music format, Without these words in front of the song means the quality of the song is general.

Although we know the general meaning of these several, but we are specific and different between them? What effect do we have on listening to music? In fact, the difference between the HQ, SQ is not very big, basically we listen to the song has no effect, in addition to some music enthusiasts or this aspect of the great God, most people do not hear this difference. and non-destructive meaning is very different, we often see MP3, WMA, Ogg is known as lossy compression, lossy compression by definition is to reduce audio sampling frequency and bit rate, the output of audio files will be smaller than the original file. Another kind of audio compression is called lossless compression, which can save all data of the original file in 100% the volume of audio files compressed smaller, but after the compressed audio file restore, to achieve the same size as the source file, the same rate of the current common, mainstream lossless compression format currently has ape, FLAC , TTA, TAK, WAV.

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