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1, the computer appears prompt "needs to check the wireless Internet card", is what reason?

Because the wireless network connection signal is interrupted, restart the application or unplug the card and then plug in and restart the dialing program.

2. What is the reason for "Port error"?

This error message appears because:

(1) Wireless network card port abnormal shutdown;

(2) The wireless Internet card is not plugged in well;

(3) The Port of the network card is disabled. Generally only need to reseat the card and wait about 10 seconds (because the computer to identify the NIC needs about 10 seconds) and then restart the NIC dialer.

3, the remote computer is not responding

There are several reasons leading to this phenomenon:

(1) UIM card data business has not been opened or data services have been discontinued;

(2) The Client software network setup error;

(3) The dialing procedure conflicts with other procedures;

(4) The client software is too old;

(5) operator signal is not stable.

Processing recommendations:

(1) Call the China Telecom Customer Service Hotline (10000) Consulting UIM card data business is open;

(2) Set up network parameters in accordance with the "Wireless Internet Card application software Installation and use Guide";

(3) Uninstall other dialing programs or reinstall the operating system;

(4) Upgrade to the latest version of the client software;

(5) Try another place.

4, weak signal instability, often not connected to the network

There are several reasons for this:

(1) local signal instability;

(2) The client software or the single Board software version is relatively old;

(3) The hardware problem of wireless Internet card.


(1) try another place;

(2) Upgrade client software or single board software to the latest version;

(3) The replacement of wireless Internet card to try.

5, the use of wireless network card sometimes prompts error "678 remote computer does not respond need more help click the details or look for this error number in Help and Support Center.

This code 678 indicates no answer. is caused by local network conditions, customer service personnel should explain the local network problem is temporary, or explained that the local network is being upgraded, so sometimes inconvenient to use.

6, run the program, dialing, indicating that the connection failed.

Reason: Network signal is not good, UIM card has no money, network card malfunction.


(1) Change to an open place to ensure the signal;

(2) To change a UIM card that can be connected to the Internet;

(3) Check the network card to determine if there is a failure.

7, wireless access to the process of frequent disconnection?

(1) The general situation is because the transmission line quality is not good, easy to appear clutter interference data communication, at this time if the wireless network card fault-tolerant ability can not withstand, it is easy to break, so should be selected with a high fault-tolerant wireless network card;

(2) The CDMA signal is weak, because the signal attenuation is easy to form the disconnection;

(3) The abrupt change of electromagnetic wave in ambient environment can also cause normal data transmission abnormal interruption;

(4) Computer malfunction. When the computer is in use, the file is damaged, lost or replaced, and the installed Windows operating system is not original and has been artificially optimized.


(1) A good place to change the network signal, look around there is no large electromagnetic wave transmitter;

(2) Detecting the hardware of the wireless Internet card.

8, the user response day than at night on the Internet faster

Reason: Different time, Internet number is different, network speed is different.

Solution: Should try not to download the big program during the peak of Internet, avoid the peak of Internet.

9, network connection normal, but slow speed?

Reason: CDMA network signal problem, NIC quality problem, computer malfunction or virus influence,


(1) The various base station equipment different sometimes also has certain influence, there is the network hard switch near the signal is generally bad, CDMA wireless internet users concentrated area, and the cell phone signal is poor, will affect the speed of CDMA wireless Internet access, but generally speaking, telecommunications network is still possible. If the speed is slow, you can try another place.

(2) If you find that there is no use of the network, especially the upload of traffic continues to produce, it may be poisoned, such viruses will plug the network, a large number of CPU resources, etc., strongly recommend the installation of anti-virus software to protect the smooth network

Attention matters

Note that the system prompts the error code to search for the appropriate error code to resolve the problem.

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