What do you think about rapid development? Let's talk about it together, and let's talk about it together.

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What do you think about rapid development? Let's talk about it together, and let's talk about it together.

As we all know, the Internet and software industries are already far from each other. Now we are all engaged in information construction everywhere. Everyone knows about Internet thinking. This information age is a huge opportunity for software developers and software development companies.

In the layman's view, software development is an opportunity and a low cost. as long as several programmers are involved, they can create a software company. But is it true? I have seen the decline of many software companies in the domestic software industry in the second-tier cities. A start-up company has been stuck for only one year. Some outsourcing software companies that have been working for several years have suddenly declined. As long as people in this circle know, this industry is not so mixed.


Troubles of software development companies:

1. How to improve development efficiency?

Every time a software company receives a new project, a group of personnel will be arranged for project development. The higher the development efficiency, the more projects will be connected, and the customer's final payment will be received earlier, however, the actual situation is that there are often various changes to the demand. In addition, some other unexpected States lead to a delay in the project delivery period. If the project cannot be delivered on schedule, don't mention the final payment, as long as the customer is not held accountable for breach of contract, thank God.

2. How to reduce development costs?

The biggest cost of a software company is the labor cost. At present, software engineers are very well-paid, especially in first-tier cities. An engineer with a little experience can only pay a monthly salary of over 10 k, software Enterprises must consider labor costs. How to reduce development costs? The main method is to reduce the difficulty of development, reduce repetitive work, and let the same person do more. If you hire a person with a monthly salary of 5 k, you can develop software quickly, and have the same output as 10 k + engineers, or even higher.

3. How to face changing demands?

After all, the development process of software projects is just a minority. Software Projects must face endless demand changes. If these changes are not taken into account in the overall design of the project, the project will be postponed, the increase in development costs leads to project losses or even failures.

4. How to stand at the forefront of technology?

The rapid development of software technology and the emergence of new software development technologies, from the rise of BS technology to apps and applications, are all dazzling. If you are willing to spend a lot of energy studying these new technologies, you may be able to keep up with the pace of the times, so that the product remains technically competitive. What about the soul of the product? After all, business implementation is the soul of the product.

5. How to deal with the loss of developers?

Nowadays, in the software development industry, staff change jobs are common, and even frequent. It is better for common engineers to change jobs. Once a core team member leaves, the project is postponed, this leads to a miscarriage in the middle of product R & D. To solve the problem of staff loss, we must get rid of the excessive dependence on developers.


I believe many people have similar experiences. Technical Experts can ignore the complaints of scammers like me. However, not every programmer can do this kind of architecture work, the appearance of the interface is not something that programmers can write by code.

Our company is a typical software development company. In the past few years, our company had a considerable annual profit, at least not to mention smooth sailing. However, in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult. Is our company's project a high price? Why can't our company's programmers keep up with the technology? The competition in the software industry has become fierce. There are too many people in the software industry who want to share the cake, so there is not enough time for the cake to grow bigger.

At this time, the company must find a way to improve its competitiveness. How to improve competitiveness? The improvement of product quality can improve the company's image and competitiveness. The price reduction of products is also a part. The price reduction will inevitably reduce the profit. How can we lower the price of our products and improve our competitiveness while keeping profits under control? As we all know, the main cost of software companies is labor costs. Now, the salary of an experienced programmer is at least 10 K a month. It seems impossible for most people to replace a 5 K programmer with 10 K programmers to accomplish the same task.

But what is quick development?

Quick Development: It can be seen from the name that it can make development faster. What is his principle? Since our company uses an agile development framework, I will use it as an example to illustrate it.

The agile development framework is a set of software system projects based on intelligent and scalable components. It is very suitable for enterprise management software and Internet platform background system development. The framework provides a complete permission role management function, quick Development Features, workflow engine development features, and other common functional modules, as well as scalable system mechanisms, beautiful and concise UI style.

Of course, this is only an official description of this agile development framework and does not represent my personal opinions. In my opinion, the principle of this agile development framework is like this. The agile development framework integrates architecture, artist and various business functions. It is equivalent to a software semi-finished product, with a business function of 3D printing. It is equivalent to a gray building. The main framework has been built, the model has been completed, and all kinds of decoration materials have been ready. The business function is the decoration style you need, which can be directly generated through the framework. You only need to finish the room decoration according to your business needs.

Because the architecture and the art framework have been integrated, programmers only need to write business functions. This reduces repetitive work and simplifies the development process. Therefore, it naturally achieves the goal of rapid development. In fact, it is not just simple and fast, but also has more benefits.


The following describes the advantages of quick development:

1. Improve development efficiency

The overall framework has been set up, and developers only need to implement business functions. In addition, a large number of business templates and a large number of public components have been integrated in the agile development framework. developers can quickly complete the development work by setting according to the development wizard. It saves at least 90% of the workload compared with traditional development.

2. Improve Software Quality

Standard Coding, professional architecture, stable and efficient underlying layer. This is an inherent advantage of software quality. If you develop your software based on the agile development framework, the quality of your software can be greatly improved.

Iii. Cost Reduction

The cost is also reduced while improving efficiency. Currently, the salaries of software engineers are generally relatively high, especially when the architect level is not moving, the annual salary is 100,000, making the cost of software development very high. However, when the agile development framework is used, novice programmers can develop functions as long as they have clear ideas. The shorter development cycle and lower requirements on developers also greatly reduce development costs.

4. Improve Customer Satisfaction

The Framework provides developers with a beautiful and concise UI, elegant appearance, convenient operations, and user experience friendliness. High development efficiency, good software quality, and natural customer satisfaction will be greatly improved. It will also greatly increase the ticket receiving rate and bring direct benefits to the company.

5. provide a stable and efficient technical support team (I am not sure if every quick development platform has one)

Technical support is provided by framework developers during the maintenance period. Both architecture and coding support is provided throughout the process, so there is no need to fear the loss of staff and other resistance during the development process.


Of course, the above is my opinion. You are welcome to comments and exchange comments!

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