What does a CDR file open with?

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What does a CDR file open with?

What file is CDR?

Simply said *.cdr file is a graphic image file, is a CorelDRAW image production saved file format, CorelDRAW image Software is a set of award-winning graphics, image editing software, it contains two drawing applications: one for vector graphics and page design, one for image editing. This combination of drawing software gives users powerful interactive tools that enable users to create a variety of dynamic special effects and dot-matrix instant effects can be achieved in simple operations-without losing the current job. Through the full range of CorelDRAW design and web features can be integrated into the user's existing design, flexibility.

CorelDRAW Image design software its extraordinary design capabilities are widely used in trademark design, logo production, model drawing, illustration, typesetting and color separation output, and many other fields. The extent of its popularity can be illustrated by the fact that almost all CorelDRAW are installed on PC computers for business design and art design and web design.

What does the Dr File open with?

Know the CDR file is actually CorelDRAW image production software files, then need to open CDR file is very simple, CDR file belongs to CorelDRAW Special file storage format, must use matching software to open browsing, You need to install Coredraw related software before you can open the graphics file. Is there any other way to open the Cdr file? So far the author has not found, but you can use CorelDRAW image design software to open the CDR graphics file, and then use the computer screenshot, and save the screenshot can be saved as we arbitrarily open jpg and other format files.

We all know CorelDRAW software is very large, the new version of the CorelDRAW has a few g size, and CorelDRAW software is not a free software, is needed to buy, if you are just to view and print CDR files, It is not necessary to install the CorelDRAW software, where the small series to recommend two software and Plug-ins:

1, AI, PSD, CDR, eps format thumbnail preview plugin

2, AI, EPS, CDR format Preview tool, ST thumbnails Explorer Chinese version

With the above two software, you do not need to install CorelDRAW or you can easily view and print CDR files.

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