What does a web designer do?

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Web art, that is, Web arts engineer. A lot of people have heard of this career, but do you know what Web art is for ? The responsibility of the Web Designer is graphic design, interactive design, and user testing/research.

Web Art is responsible for the entire site's front design, interface design, planning the layout of the entire Web page. Currently using PS for interface effect diagram design, AI-aided design logo, as well as network standard. Therefore, as a web designer to master the important tool is Photoshop software. Web page art familiar with a variety of graphic design software, such as Photoshop, Ai and other software, finished art visual design and typesetting.

Web Art is responsible for graphic design, that is, the traditional sense of "art". But not just the work of the art workers, since the title of the "Web page", so they are responsible for the product of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT "shape" design.

The interactive design mainly lies in the design of the software operation flow, tree structure, operation specification and so on. What a software product needs to do before coding is to interact with the design, and to establish the interaction model and the interaction specification. Web Art to be responsible for this, I believe many people do not know, because in the public's impression, art as long as the responsible for visual effects can be, but only visual design, as a qualified web art, it is not enough.

and the third web designer's responsibility: User testing/research, the goal is to test the rationality of interactive design and graphic design, mainly through the form of target users questionnaire to measure the rationality of web design.

In addition, for the function of Web page art, many people still have a misunderstanding, that is to think that Web art proficient in Css/html/javascript and other languages to do page layout, in fact, this is not true, the work of the Web page layout should be completed by the front-end development engineers.

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