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Graphic design In the end is what, I believe a lot of friends also said is not the specific content of it, the following small series for you to introduce, a look at it!@

The former child mainly at home with the wife and children, the secondary daily work to exercise the body went.

Start the topic, the general Friends and family party ask the most is what do you do?

From Shenzhen back to the third-tier city home, often with friends and family I was a graphic designer, and then have to explain half a day.

  Scene One

Friends and relatives ask: What do you do?

I answer: I am engaged in graphic design.

Friends and relatives: Well, you can help me to design the new house sometime.

Explanation: Decorating the house is a job for interior designers.

  Scenario Two

Relatives and friends asked: What do you do?

I answer: I am engaged in graphic design.

Friends and family: CAD picture help me to change it.

I answer: I do not CAD.

Relatives and friends asked: then what software you will do, what design?

Explanation: CAD Basic functions are: graphic drawing, drawing aids, editing graphics, dimensioning, writing, layer management functions, three-dimensional graphics, network functions, data exchange and many other functions, are generally architectural designers, interior designers, etc. (this is also my online Baidu). Graphic designers generally use AI,PS,CDR. The designer can not use any software, it is thought. Isn't that just a blow?

  Scenario Three

Friends and relatives ask: What do you do?

I answer: I am engaged in advertising design.

Friends and relatives: Well, I know, we also have a shop downstairs to advertise.

Explanation: Your downstairs advertisement shop belongs to the advertisement print output.

  Scenario Four

Friends and relatives ask: What do you do?

I answer: I am the electrical business design.

Friends and relatives: Well, my son, their company is also engaged in electricity business.

Scenario Five

Friends and relatives ask, what do you do?

I answer: I am a brand design?

Friends and family: #¥% ...

 Scenario Six

One day elevator, enthusiastic aunt asked: The young guy is very high, how tall ah?

A puzzled answer: 188cm

Aunt Q: What's the job?

I answer: Graphic designer

Aunt said: "Well, selling mobile phones."

I said: is to do graphic design, aunt want to do design, or introduce objects.

Aunt said: The amount

Explanation: And then there is no next, I guess she can't plug in the words. Silence to the elevator.

Baidu: The explanation of graphic design

Explanation: Why so friends and relatives do not know what graphic design is doing?

1. The domestic graphic design starts late.

From the beginning of reform and opening-up, with foreign advanced ideas and so on to the domestic, from scratch. In China only 30 years, in Europe and America developed countries, the design has been a 200 years.

2. The object of service is enterprise.

More professional graphic design companies to serve the larger enterprises, the design requirements are higher. Real graphic design is rarely for individuals, except for street-side print shops (not intended to be sprayed with small partners who are working in a print shop). Print Shop is the main printing output mainly to meet the basic advertising needs.

3. Many kinds of companies say to do graphic design

such as Culture Communication company, exhibition design company, media resources company, event planning company, brand planning company, website design company, also has downstairs kind of special to make the word card store, there are 4 a company. Purely graphic design to make money for less companies, a little more in Shenzhen.

4. Economic-related

The more developed the economy, the more developed graphic design, is the product has the remaining products. The first-tier city knows a little more about graphic design, and few people in three-tier cities know it. Unlike in Shenzhen, I really do not know, introduce him to the overseas Chinese city Creative Garden, he also inkling.

5. Fewer employees

There are too few of them to engage in this bitter industry, although there are a large number of graduates each year, but the real persistence is very small.

6. Low entry threshold

Similar to the boss, casually put a piece cigarette something called the boss, listed companies that also called the boss, resulting in a part of people's cognitive misunderstanding.

7. The design industry is quite wide.

There are graphic design, web design, costume design, product design, abrasive design, hairstyle design, UI design ....


The designer is a craftsman, the first computer has not been popular, someone will use the computer, can be a good line of things to print out is very good, others are not how to pay attention to the things you design good-looking or not. (similar to the current street printing business cards) when the computer a little more popular, if the software is great God, instantaneous efficiency of all kinds of ascension. (similar to the software operations that are now based on the training course).

After the computer completely family, the enterprise also slowly went out, found its own company propaganda how so soil, with foreign one is very bad. People's aesthetic has also improved. So the graphic design began to lot better, because you advertise the thing is too ugly, feel your corporate image is too ugly, others will not buy your product. Product surplus more and more time, found that your design does not so useful to look good, need to have ideas, there are stories, so design companies have to learn, introduced the concept of marketing planning. Introduce the marketing plan into the design. Now that the wave of the internet is surging, graphic designers have to learn UI and other interface design or electrical business design. The development demand of graphic design can also be regarded as a general development route of a designer.

Graphic design consists of the following things:

Logo design, font design, advertising design, business card design, promotional single page design, packaging design, album design, newspaper typesetting design, book design, magazine design, store design, brand planning, name naming, copywriting, photography, electric shop design, corporate website design, app interface design, UI icon design, engraving, T-shirt pattern, laser engraving, hand-painted, painting, anime ...

Explanation: Graphic design is the foundation of all designs. Theoretically, it is possible to cross borders.

Design categories of Cross-border: Graphic design, industrial design, home decoration design, apparel design, product design and so on.

Non-design cross-border: Photographer, writer, star, marketing director, Product manager, planner, boss, director, etc.

Because everyone's experience is not the same, the specific individual graphic designer will be different things. As for myself, the internship is in the website company on the class, then do is the website design. My first job is to do the electrical business, the boss in order to save costs, let me take pictures of the product, coupled with the design of the persistent, the newborn calf is not afraid to die, then often get to the night to work at 9-10 o ' clock. Have the basic photography knowledge of the school before, also took the photography to learn. A part-time customer service when there is not enough manpower. Big, and often help the company to move something. Later went to a professional design company, the company is often very busy, often overtime, various guest appearances, copywriting, photography, design, docking customers, printing and so on. So along the way I have the following skills: Brand planning, copywriting planning, visual design, product photography, website design, Taobao art, post-production, docking customers, design team formation and management, design project control, the establishment of rules and regulations, plus coolie.

A master driver may also repair a car. A noodle shop, is only noodles to eat? The boss will definitely add some other food to the money.

Therefore, graphic design is not only a drawing, drawing is just a standard, to create a brand, complete the ultimate sales is our ultimate goal.

Before writing this article, thank those who care about what I do for a job. This sharing is also to let more people understand graphic design, understanding graphic design. PS: Because graphic design is an interdisciplinary subject, involving a wide range of knowledge, if there are omissions, welcome to Add. Want more people to share their own graphic design.

The above is about graphic design in the end is a detailed introduction, next time if someone asks you what graphic design is to do, I believe you also know how to answer it!

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