What does "refresh" really do?

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We know that this feature works on many occasions in windows, such as updating the display of file information in the Explorer, re-loading the page in a browser, and so on.

What does the update file information display in Explorer mean?

A beginner may literally not understand the meaning of this sentence, for the simplest example:

For example, we open a folder, and then use Thunder to download a file to save to this folder, then control the display of the explorer information is generated when the file is opened, it does not automatically notify the information in the Explorer display, so we see the folder information is still old, That is no thunder download the file!

This time using the "refresh" feature to let the Explorer know: "Oh, there is a new file to join in, I quickly show it." ”。

Small knowledge:

1) What is Explorer?

The explorer process manages the graphical display of the system.

The Explorer plays a pivotal role in Windows, and the computer starts a process called Explorer.exe at run time. It is used to manage Windows graphics shell, including Start menu, taskbar, desktop and file management, corruption or removal of this program, which will cause the Windows graphics interface to not work!

Other effects of "refresh":

Although "refreshing" is trivial, sometimes reasonable use of it can also help us solve a lot of computer problems. For example, if the display card or the application problem causes the display problem, then we can use "refresh" to restore the display. Sometimes we modify the display of the Explorer in the registry, and if you want the changes to take effect immediately, you can reload the explorer using refresh so that we can see the effect of the changes immediately. There is also if the problem is displayed, "refresh" after the failure is not recoverable, then use the method of reloading the explorer process, you can also restore the display to normal.

"Refresh" on the desktop:

And the "refresh" behavior on the desktop, in fact, also played the role of "refresh" the current file display information, because the desktop itself is also a folder (in the system disk in the user account folder in the Desktop folder), but this folder is more special! So we click "Refresh" on the desktop, In fact, and in the folder Point "Refresh" play the same role.

Here, I believe everyone has a correct understanding of the desktop "refresh" it. Plainly speaking, on the desktop "refresh" In fact there is no big role, so many people have this behavior, can only be said to be a common habit. The computer put in there idle nothing, holding the mouse in hand no purpose to do, click on the icon bar will run the program, empty point of the desktop it does not reflect the feeling and uncomfortable, so it can only use "refresh" the most do not affect other things and can bring a little reflection of the operation; I think most users are at this point, you say?

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