What does the CPC advertisement mean? How to put the CPC ads in the Baidu?

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What does the CPC advertisement mean?

You will find that the word "CPC" is often mentioned on the web, so what does the CPC ad mean? CPC advertising is the most common form of advertising in the network, it is the abbreviation of the English word cost per click is to pay ads every time, when the user clicks on a website of the CPC ads, the station webmaster will get the corresponding income. When you open a portal or shopping site often bounce out of the ads, often see such a similar QQ message ads. In fact, this is a form of the CPC advertising, how? Now you get it!

How to put the CPC advertisement?

Below to Baidu Network Alliance as an example

Baidu and GG like, now apply for account is very convenient, as long as you have like the station, I initially speculated that the following conditions:

1. A website with steady flow.

2. Content is more substantial and no illegal content.

3. Through the Ministry of Information Industry for the record (at least you need to have a file number that belongs to you).

Now to make a stable flow of the station is not difficult, basically around 500IP can be (individual speculation). The basic technique is. Selected item---"Buy Domain name and space loading program---" Add content and long-term update. One months or so should have 500IP, even if not, you have more than 1000 data, as long as not be seo/seo.html "target=" "_blank" > search engine K, you can boldly to apply for Baidu, what the world out of XX million, do not bother.

Because now is a special period, Baidu Alliance need you to register, because you do not register Baidu Alliance is very likely to do GG, so Baidu is not necessarily not loss.

Please affiliate ADS before, the site eye-catching ads are removed, and so on after the union account through the new and old advertising code at the same time put up.

Initial application can only get Baidu Search Alliance, get after hundred search league on your site click on the highest eye-catching position, put through the station, prompting Baidu search box hits more than 100/day. So you can apply for Baidu theme promotion. It is recommended to use the JS method to invoke code, Baidu and GG are currently supporting JS call advertising code, the requirements are very similar, in the early July, I use div+ js to place the ads Baidu and GG, very convenient, once the size or color is not good (such as a certain size of the ad clicks not very well), Only to change the JS and corresponding CSS file is good.

Next to talk about some of the requirements of Baidu:

1. The same page is now capable of placing only 3 thematic outreach modules.

2. Baidu allows other affiliate ads to be placed on the same page.

3. Baidu is not currently allowed to modify the code, only allow the modification of color parameters.

Other small CPC cooperation model can be very simple, as long as you have a website almost all can put the CPC ads, but Baidu, GG this application conditions must be strict, and the content of the site is also high.

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