What does the tripwire company threaten intelligence products do?

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In any event, there are three aspects that must be considered in the face of security threats:

    • Detection
    • Emergency response
    • Prevention
Advanced MALWARE identification to QUICKLY IDENTIFY potential threats (high-level malicious code identification, rapid identification of potential threats)

From a simple product introduction, mainly according to show work:

Information about this malicious file and its behavior are now part of the Threat Intelligence service database and can ALS o being pushed out to intrusion prevention Systems and Network firewalls to block the file at the Network level preventing FU Rther infection.

In other words, create a database that stores information about malicious files and their behavioral characteristics. And push these to the intrusion prevention system and the network firewall has blocked the attack and the infection.

Automated THREAT monitoring to reduce the ATTACK surface (automated threat monitoring that seeks to reduce attack surface)

With Tripwire your can take in peer and community sourced indicators of compromise, leveraging STIX and TAXII standards, or Through tailored commercial threat intelligence services. Tripwire proactively identifies indicators of advanced threats and targeted attacks or IOCs.

These IOCs be automatically downloaded to tripwire Enterprise where it'll search forensics data to see if it's already In the database or something, has never been seen before. Tripwire would then also the start monitoring for the This IOC with all new changes. If a threat is detected, you get alerted and can drive remediation based on the properties you have set in Tripwire.

The main thing is to automatically download the IOC (malicious Code Evidence Library) (personally think that is the difference between the time of the poll operation), through the local query and analysis, and their own enterprise-related indicators added to the new rules, while the beginning of new rules monitoring.

IOC (indicators of compromise), I have never known exactly how this name translates more grounded gas.

What does the tripwire company threaten intelligence products do?

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