What does the gateway mean?

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friends who study or care about the network often hear a network jargon such as "gateway". So what does a gateway mean? What role does it play in the network? Today, a small series to the popular science for everyone what the gateway and its role.

  What does the gateway mean?

Gateway in English name is Gateway, also known as the Network Connector, protocol converter. The gateway realizes network interconnection above network layer, it is the most complex network interconnect device, it is only used for different network interconnection of two high-level protocols.

Gateways can be used both for WAN interconnection and for LAN interconnection. A gateway is a computer system or device that acts as a transformational task. Using in different communication protocols, data formats or languages, and even between two systems with completely different architectures, the gateway is a translator, which simply communicates the message differently from the network Bridge, and the gateway is repackaging the information received to suit the needs of the target system.

Perhaps this kind of terminology, many people are still more difficult to understand, here is an example:

As we all know, walking from one room to another is bound to go through a door. Similarly, sending a message from one network to another must pass through a "gateway", which is gateways. The gateway, as its name suggests, is a "gateway" to a network connected to another network. That is, network checkpoints.

In fact, many of the literature on TCP/IP used the network layer of the router known as the gateway, and in many local networks today, the use of the road to access the network, so usually refers to the gateway is the default IP address router.

In general, the IP address of a router's LAN interface is the gateway on your local area network. When the computer on your local area network needs and other local area network computers, or need to access the Internet, the computer on your local area network will first transfer the packet to the gateway (router's LAN interface) and then forward by the gateway.

This understanding, is not very easy to know, what is the meaning of the gateway.

  The role of the gateway

A gateway is a computer system or device that acts as a transformational task, and a gateway is a translator when using different communication protocols, data formats or languages, and even two systems with completely different architectures. Unlike the Network Bridge, which simply transmits information, the gateway is repackaging the information it receives to suit the needs of the target system. At the same time, gateways can also provide filtering and security features.

This is why we have routers on the Internet, we must set the default gateway address in the computer to the router LAN interface for the reason, because the router's LAN interface is your network gateway, your computer to the Internet, packets must be forwarded through the gateway. At present, home routers generally use and as the addresses of LAN interfaces, and these two addresses are also the most common gateway addresses.

In short, the gateway is a bridge between the device and the router, the correct gateway configuration can ensure that users can access the Internet normally.

  The default gateway is how many default gateways are set

In a typical router network, the default gateways are usually the most common: and, the default IP address for router LAN interfaces. Of course, some smart routers will use other IP address as the default gateway, this is mainly the router manufacturer set up before the factory.

  To see the default gateway for your computer, you can use the following methods:

1, open the start to run the dialog box, you can also use the Win + R combination of shortcut keys open, and then open the following type cmd and click "OK" into, as shown.

Run named

2, open the Run dialog box, and then type the name: Ipconfig/all finished, press ENTER to run, and then you can see the computer connected to the network's default gateway, as shown.

Is it easy to see the default gateway for your computer? Users can enter the router settings to modify it, the specific way is to enter the router settings, and then select the LAN port settings, and then modify the right IP default gateway IP address, as shown in the following figure.

Router Default gateway Settings

After modifying the default gateway IP address, restart the router to take effect.

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