What does the International brand cosmetics website look like?

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The tide and the excessive gas are here. Ranked in the same order, but good-looking I have to rob and everyone recommended, not good-looking is only my personal short-sighted, learn from the future design study of the grain.

  1, Givenchy (Givenchy)


The influence of a big brand really behaved incisively and vividly! Black and white gray tones, low-key, not even luxurious, the background of the use of gray texture. Extensive use of video, so that users immersive. Fashion large black and white processing, exquisite, full of imagination, the mouse will not show the color of the picture. Waiting to load interface using a kind of electronic clock display, novel and chic. Each product display uses mask layer, the expression is concise, powerful, vivid. Big cards can do so is a major, design, there are small smart, also have the tension of the mouth.

  2, Estee Lauder (Lauder)


This is a small series of personal favorite interface. Layered screen, the background of the cosmetics themselves in the soft texture, on its only prominent characters and text image. The whole picture is very harmonious, the text is slightly overflow background, the scene is widened. The homepage uses is the current very popular big picture background rolling screen, uses the big picture to roll the screen to achieve the product transmission goal. Color is always mainly blue-violet. Floating navigation is positioned above the screen. Simple and elegant. We can also learn how they deal with pictures in excellent cases.

  3. DIOR (Dior)


Well, I would say that actually Dior can do better. The picture is concise enough to use the card layout. is still black and white gray, but compared with the Givenchy, less than the level, the idea of a little lame. Make-up of the image processing is very delicate, but the combination of the match seems too flat. In general, it's a bit like a sugar syrup, but it's pretty.

  4, BOBBI BROWN (Babipora)


Web design is very simple, the use of lines as decoration, will be other useless decorations are removed. White background, picture color strong eye-catching. Text and other buttons use black. Emphasis on color using phosphor. Concise and straightforward. Although simple, but also without losing plain, the layout of the structure of people to create a sense of stability. Designers of the overall layout of the site to grasp the very place, the end of the convergence is also very ingenious. For example, after the navigation followed by the changes after the Drop-down, the background of the arrow to follow the background of the change and the corresponding changes in style, as far as possible to keep the page neat. Add nature to the dynamic, originality.

  5, Clinique (clinique)


Although the same is the use of lines, but obviously Clinique's official website design is not as Babipora. First of all, the color of Clinique, the color of the main color is green, and the following picture background with a large area of the gradient, gradually color purple, red, blue and even brown. This deviates from the main color created by the atmosphere, the color is very messy. Second, the line, because there are also a large number of lines, then the line sense is bound to be very important, but we can see the site also appeared in the rectangular solid button, there is a red circle logo. Although Clinique is trying to maintain the simplicity of the picture, but the messy still cannot conceal the exposed.

  6. L ' OREAL Paris (L ' oreal)


This style of design has become obsolete, although we now can imagine that the site design to take out when the people cooing. Image dazzling, home content rich, people do not know where to start looking. Every little detail on the site looks good, but it all adds up to a problem.

  7, AVON (Avon)


Like L ' oreal in the design of the outdated, commendable place is not much, color more attentively. Not so messy, but Huran is not far.

  8, Avene (Avene)


The color of this site is actually very cautious, in addition to the picture, the entire element highlights the main color, warm orange. But the website lacks the vigor, this kind of vigor is not from the view quantity aspect, but the whole atmosphere and the feeling. It's a little too conservative to be low-key. There's no place to be, but there's nothing wrong. Perhaps it was due to the lack of air distribution.

  9, Sk-ii


See this will think of thousands of unknown corporate website, if not the picture appeared on the cosmetics picture, also silently ignore it. Color is also the same, the layout does not exceed the moment. Serious's detour is flirtatious and colourful. Perhaps this is the brand temperament of the product itself.

  10, Revlon (Revlon)


The homepage of the website inherits from the magazine cover design to draw lessons from the layout, has the foot individuality characteristic, and most website layout is different. The structure of the site is also very reasonable, the overall style of coordination. Only in the product display picture is too small, influence is not enough. Background color used in black, I personally think too dark. Although the red highlighted, but to the whole picture a deliberate repression.

  11, Benefit (Pui Ling Imperial Concubine)


The packaging design of the bell-ling Princess is very playful, but what about the website design? Brand in order to unify the VI logo, generally will be the website design and other print design unified. But I personally think that the Belle's packaging design features are not necessary to apply to the website. Independent look at the website, will think that came to the child products website, or children's world. Very fairy tale, very gorgeous, but let this product in the pattern drop more than one grade, plus the site itself is not fine with the map, color messy. Want to apply product packaging temperament to the Web page, not necessarily rely on the basic components of the Web page. Give it a pink framed, not necessarily let the product have the playful character characteristics of jumping off. Instead, keep the site calm and simple, and focus on rendering on the map.

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