What does the OSS console have?

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The OSS console is divided into two modules: bucket management and object management.

1, bucket management:

Through the bucket management module, to achieve bucket create, delete, set read and Write permissions and anti-theft chain settings and other operations.

1.1 Creating Bucket:

1.1.1 Click green "Create bucket" button to create.

1.1. Up to 21 OSS accounts can be created with up to 10 bucket.

1.1.3 There are no data and capacity limits for the folders and uploaded files that can be created under each bucket, and users do not need to consider the volume limit and expansion issues.

The 1.1.4 bucket can be named in lowercase letters and numbers, and within 3-32 characters of the name length.

1.1.5 Read and Write permissions can be set to: private reading and writing, public reading and public read/write.

After the 1.1.6 bucket is set to private read and write permissions, the stored object will have the timeliness setting function when it obtains the URL address.

1.1.7 Bucket is set to "public read/write" permission, the stored object will be in the form of a fixed URL address for readers to read and write, please use caution. This permission is available only when creating bucket.

1.2 Delete Bucket

Before 1.2.1 Deletes bucket, remove all the object in this bucket, and the bucket will not be deleted.

1.3 Bucket Property settings

1.3.1 Basic information: that is, bucket related data and information.

1.3.2 Read and Write permission: Bucket read and Write permissions can be modified to choose the right to have "private read and write" and "public reading."

1.3.3 anti-theft chain: Can bucket anti-theft chain settings, how to set anti-theft chain >>

2, Object management:

The object management module can be used to create folders, bulk upload, download, bulk Delete, file type and HTTP header settings.

2.1 Creating folders

2.1.1 Click the Create Folder button to create it.

2.1.2 folder naming support, letters, numbers, Chinese, underscores (_) and dashes (-), decimal (.) Named.

The 2.1.3 folder can begin with only letters, numbers, or Chinese.

The 2.1.4 folder name length is within 254 bytes.

2.1.5 Object named total length of 1023 bytes, object named total length = bucket named length + plus each level folder named length + file name length.

2.1. The number of folders created under 61 bucket and the total folder capacity are unlimited.

2.2 File Upload

2.2.1 Click "Upload" button, select Upload file, you can upload files.

2.2.2 supports multiple files for bulk uploads.

2.2.3 upload more than 10M of large files, recommended OSS client Tools, click to download >>

2.2.4 OSS Client Tools Support folder uploads.

2.3 Folder, file deletion

2.3.1 Support Bulk Delete function, check to delete files and folders, click the "Delete" button, confirm pop-up prompts.

The 2.3.2 folder can be deleted directly without emptying.

The 2.3.3 console provides removal prompts to avoid misoperation.

2.4 Object property setting

Basic information

2.4.1 can get the object URL address from the basic information.

2.4.2 so that object bucket set to private read/write permission, its URL address will have the timeliness setting function.

2.4.3 The URL address will be a fixed address if the object bucket is set to public read/write or public reading permissions.

HTTP header settings: Five parameters can be set by HTTP header.

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