What factors can reflect the strength of Beijing mobile app software development company?

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opportunities are often accompanied by challenges, now mobile App development company level is not aligned, many companies in the development of the problem encountered, the app is not stable, there are bugs (flash back), the duration is not guaranteed, no late maintenance, received the money is not known ...

Customers face a lot of mobile software development companies, there is only one very important question: how to find a reliable development company?

To solve this problem, we need to understand what is a reliable app development company, what factors can reflect the strength of the company.

    1. How does this company offer its customers?

The price of developing an app is determined by the workload, so the regular app outsourcing company will be the first time for customers to do detailed application requirements comb. After the full communication, according to the final application needs assessment form, for the customer quotation.

a copy The app needs assessment table also shows the strength of an app outsourcing company:

? Whether the account manager can accurately analyze the requirements and give the customer some advice

? The application request quotation form is detailed, each function meets the reasonable quotation

? is the app development schedule reasonable?

Irresponsible companies will come up directly to quote, and vowed to promise the "lowest price", "preferential", these are to deceive the trust of customers to take the means.

Apicloud : free 1 to 1 app needs assessment service, professional customer service to comb the application needs, and finally form an evaluation report. Dependability offers a reliable app development cycle and quotes.

    1. What are the cases of this company?

The app case is the most direct indication of the strength of the app outsourcing company, with the number and quality of cases being evaluated together with the company's established time and number of companies. If there is a similar type of app case, be sure to download a try the user experience.

There are many bad app outsourcing companies will exaggerate their case, tell the customer "group", "drop" and other large-scale well-known apps are their own cases, in most cases, do not believe such a rhetoric. Now the industry's well-known apps have chosen to build their own technical team for app development and maintenance, so it is not the company is lying, or the company has some well-known apps in the edge of functional development projects.

Apicloud: Intel's hard-to- use commune was originally developed in a traditional native way, but it took 5 months and was unsatisfactory from the release cycle to the quality of the product. after thorough investigation, Intel began to use Apicloud's efficient app customization platform, which takes 1 months to reconstruct all of the previous features, adds many new features that enable fast release, fast iteration, and fast validation. Intel is currently using Apicloud develops an international version that covers larger markets and users.

The "hard-to-enjoy" app is popular with the Intel Smart Hardware competition. The hard-to-enjoy commune app not only takes on the contest live function, but also integrates the 64 partners in the smart hardware industry chain to help the maker to accelerate the product, becoming an important platform for Intel to lay out and drive the development of the smart hardware business.

    1. What is the background of this company?

Company background mainly look at the core business is what, if it has been focused on doing a core business of the company, then its professionalism is certainly higher than other companies. Some app outsourcing companies are doing web sites, and later turned to do apps, such companies, technology will be more assured. And some companies are operating, marketing background, and later to undertake the application development projects, such companies will not have a good technical background.

Apicloud: in App development technology started, with more than 3 years of technical accumulation. Standardized development technology has helped 30多万个 developer users and is now offering app outsourcing services to individuals and businesses. The strong technical background enables Apicloud to provide better development services to its customers.

Knowing the above information, you should no longer blindly how to choose App development company. Of course, the best companies need our own to communicate, Apicloud has more than 3 years of technical experience, making tens of thousands of mobile apps successfully online. This is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

App customization: http://community.apicloud.com/bbs/forum.php

App Development: http://www.apicloud.com/

App Development: http://www.apicloud.com/dev/

What factors can reflect the strength of Beijing mobile app software development company?

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