What file is the cab?

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As a very common compressed file format, we see a lot of cab files in our lives, so do you really understand the CAB file?

  What file is the cab?

The CAB is a compressed format for Windows and can be opened with WinRAR. But some are encrypted. With the general compression procedures are not open.

  Extracting CAB files with extract

Extract.exe is an MS-DOS program, so there is no window graphics interface, if you used to be a DOS operating system users, you should be the use of this kind of program syntax will not be unfamiliar. Take a look at extract's instructions.

extract/a < cabinet> < filename>/L < destination>

Cabinet is the CAB file name

FileName is the name of the file you want to remove from the cab.

Destination is the location of the file to be placed after the solution

< > is only used to mark the description, not part of the command, note: There is a blank space between each parameter.

If you have DOS experience, you may wish to use/? Parameters (extract/?) Take a look at extract's instructions.

Because I don't have the CAB detail list for Windows 95/98, I don't know which file is in which CAB file, and the only way to do that is to try to find it in a cab.

A practical example would be easier to understand, assuming that I'm going to Shell.dll to C:windowssystem (Shell.dll is in precopy1.cab) assuming that my optical drive code is f, you can switch to your optical drive code. (is the path that points to your CAB file)

extract/a F:win98precopy1.cab shell.dll/l C:windowssystem

Extract can also accept the ""* character symbol. "

  How does the CAB file open?

In the opening of the CAB file, the natural first to recommend our most commonly used WinRAR software, the next domestic 2345 good pressure, 360 compression is also very good.

As one of the common files used in everyday use, does your CAB file have a better understanding of it?

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