What files are recycler in the Win7 system?

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First, recycler is what document

The hard disk character each disk after partition as a temporary storage site for the Recycle Bin. That's the name. Usually delete the file of the Recycle Bin is actually dragged to the corresponding letter of this folder inside, has not been completely deleted before.

In Windows, users will automatically create the Recycle Bin folder, and when NTFS is the partition file system, the file is saved in the Recycler folder.

This folder is a hidden folder that is protected by the system, and you cannot delete the folder, and if the user deletes the folder, the system will again create a new recycler folder for you.

If the computer to kill to Recycler folder was poisoned, then the computer hidden file display, and then the Recycler folder inside the file all deleted. Then restart the computer to press and hold the F8 key into the safe mode to kill the computer virus, and finally the virus will be cleared after the completion of the.

Can the Recycler folder be deleted?

If it is a computer hard disk partition in this folder, then this is the Recycle Bin folder, is not deleted, but the contents can be deleted.

If it is in the U disk or MP3 inside this folder, said U disk or MP3 contains viruses, directly delete this file and use antivirus software to clean up the virus.

Deleting files is actually the command system to transfer your deleted files to the Recycler folder, only when you perform the operation of emptying the Recycle Bin, is the file really deleted from the hard drive. You can delete the Recycler folder, but when you perform the deletion of other files, the system will be regenerated into a recycler folder to install the files you deleted, so you delete the Recycler folder and then it will pop up again. The Recycle Bin of the desktop is actually a special shortcut that points to the Recycler folder for each partition and can be used to unify these recycler folders. The Recycler folder is a system folder and is hidden and does not affect your day-to-day operations. Don't worry about it.

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