What computer skills does the "reprint" programmer have to make the layman feel magical?

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This article comprehensively organizes the self-knowledge to the same name question and answer post, the main topic supplement:

For example, the skills are: You can use the CMD command to query the various states of the computer, you can use the shortcut keys to instantly convert Windows page software ... Of course these are some simple ... Do you think you can come to show off for the unknown high-end skills? Are there any websites or forums that can access these high-end skills? I used to think that the computer's roommate can again cmd set the computer auto-shutdown feel good dick, with a program to switch browser and software sec cut I feel good dick ... Wait a minute ... etc...

Here is the Mu mu share,

University, the Department of the machine are win 2k. In the evening to catch the project, I and a friend in the downstairs of the cottage toss data, to nine points, no progress, come out to see, opposite the department building a dark, on a room lit.

Brother said, his roommate "Zhu xx" in that room, may be watching the yellow net it. We are depressed, he is cool, this is not good, in line with the maintenance of justice, purify the purpose of the network environment, we decided to stand up.

At that time, Windows has a net send command, you can display a dialog box on the other machine, like this,

We changed the name of our computer to "Network Center", sent a message to the third floor machine, from "Network Center" to "XXXX" message:

"Zhu XX classmate, we detected that you are browsing unhealthy website, has been recorded, will inform the Department to deal with." ”

Soon, the lights on the upstairs were extinguished, a figure hurried out of the building and disappeared in the night. Back to the bedroom, Zhu classmate is sitting on the edge of smoking, a face dignified, as if there are worries. Long, and said, "How did they know my name?" ”

Jianchi Chen's Share,

1. Help people out of vim;
2. Use the windows+ key to move the window position (this is actually shocked the person is a 10x programmer, but he was originally Mac party so ....) )
3. Use Ctrl+shift+t to reopen the window that was just turned off in Chrome;
4. Use one line of Perl to help your classmates list all the lines in his XX folder.

Xu Floret's sharing,

This is a sad story.

When you go to the police school, the dorm building is not available online. I joined a student community, to help the school production site, so access to the network, we have a no-line, to facilitate the community members to the Internet.

Immediately near there are many students to rub the net, then also popular to play Renren (Xiaonei). We decided to spoof them. In this machine built a Web server, do a Renren homepage fishing page, any account login, will display the following text message:

Sorry, your account has been permanently locked for the following reasons:
You have posted unhealthy information on Renren!
Please contact with Renren customer service: 400-777-80**

400 telephone is we in Baidu found a sell Wei g of the phone ...
We then set up on the router to forward the Renren request to the local Web server.

In the evening, a classmate, as always, to rub the net. As soon as he logged into his own Renren account, he saw the following screen:

The classmate is very silent, said he did not send unhealthy information ah. We are seriously encouraging him to call 400 call customer service.

The classmate dialed 400 calls, questioned their Renren account why was blocked.
Sell Wei G of customer service sister, said very silent, said they are buy Wei G, not renren.
The classmate said, but everyone online left is your phone AH.
Customer service sister said, they also do not know, today has received several advisory telephone, asked why they put Renren account. (later know that the original has been in the vicinity of the classmate dialed 400 calls,-_-| | | It must be that Renren is mistaken.

The last classmate unexpectedly and sell Wei G customer service chat for half an hour, finally both sides expressed very indignation, sell Wei G of 400 customer service decision and Renren to negotiate, hope this classmate provide evidence ...

Later, we often chat about this matter, those next door to the net brother may not have been able to understand that the message is not health information.

Someone recommended Etherdream's blog, "a cable attack."

When I first went to college, I met a headache.

The rich two generations have just come to take the laptop, this let us only play the cell phone the cock silk generation envy envy hate. Deadly thing came, night power constantly nets, so lights out after the notebook can still play.

Unfortunately, we also have a bedroom. Often after the lights out, the battery must be clean. While the game side of the voice, but also put music, suffering. Although the persuasion has a good change, but not a few days will be restored.

In order to urgently change the situation, but do not want to talk with the new students, so decided to use technical solutions.

But there was only one Nokia mobile phone, no equipment everything is empty talk. The only thing that works is to secretly set up a scheduled task in his computer and turn it off automatically at night. But if you find it worse, there is no technical content at all.

Helpless, can only turn the eye to the computer outside, the network. If the Internet is not available, even if the computer can use, do not stay up to play a single game it.

Since the first time he came, he could use the cable jack, presumably I have a signal here. The last session of the affirmation has been passed, always do not go and later also sealed off. While there are days bedroom no one, I put that laptop cable to my side a try, sure enough there is a signal! Suddenly came to the spirit, feel a hope!

Perhaps you will say, it is impossible to connect the network cable to Nokia, and then use what spoof software it ~ Of course, it is not possible, then the mobile phone is so advanced.

In fact, we don't need any soft! Thing , even without hard! Thing --Except for a network cable.

To say how to play with the network cable, but also from the previous installation set-top box on the day to talk about.

There was a time when many cities began to pop up digital television. We are no exception to house-to-house set-top boxes, but also free door-mounted. China Digital TV is originally and Netcom is a, DTV is of course a shared netcom broadband.

Because before has opened the Netcom, this time also to set-top box network, I think at least to send a switch to do it. However, the installation of the master came in, neither pulled out the switch, even the hub is not, but a pair of scissors to cut the network cable!

I was stunned, what the hell was that? Although it was good to play on the network link protocol at the time, the physical layer was a little ignorant. The master leisurely said, the network cable as long as four is enough, and some are spare. So from the previous line, removed four to the set-top box.

This big out of the material before, incredibly useless any equipment on the set-top box connected! So, again began to whimsical ...

This two shares, in the switch to see is not two independent users? If they were put together, would the effect be the same as the first two mouths? Can you short-circuit the LAN?

With the excitement of the mood of a test, sure enough! Really put the whole community network to hang up!

For a long time after the recovery, the number has not been dialed. A lot of neighbors have been dialing in on the sniffer. Obviously, just that the two 4-strand line, the external STP package is also forwarded, causing the cell network is isolated outside.

This day, changed the previous view. Originally only a network cable, you can come to a VLAN storm!

Why does a network of two ports in a switch generate a storm? Because the switch forwards packets destined for broadcast addresses to all interfaces. If there are two interface loops, once the broadcast packets appear, they will be continuously circulated to each other, exhausting the entire device bandwidth. Do not underestimate the switch, it is born for the contract design, the storm can be full of each interface, hit the bandwidth of the back-panel traffic. STP protocol is to solve this problem, loop detection.

Despite the knowledge of this new skill, the physical layer of the basics is not useful, it will be forgotten-until the bedroom under the seat to find the signal of the day.

According to memories, the bedroom also played LAN game, obviously this is not an independent network segment, so more confidence full!

Immediately find a network cable, minus the side of the crystal head, scrape off the skin, and then the corresponding four shares 22 stick. Sure enough, the nearby bedroom began to come-no, first silence for a few seconds, followed by the screams, Roar. "Card Up!" "And who's fallen?" "And what's the situation?" "," by, broken net ~ ~ ~ "...

Ran out of the corridor and saw the whole building riot! Originally this dormitory building is not zoned VLAN, all hundreds of bedrooms are connected together!!!

At this time both excited and worried. The excitement is that after the computer can catch thousands of people's traffic. Worry is, now just want to spoof their bedroom, don't want to involve everyone.

In any case, the operation continues. After lights out should rest, broken all also nothing bad.

At this time there is no major obstacle in technology, the implementation of the poor. How to operate calmly and covertly?

In order not to expose the computer is still stuck in a cable so absurd, so as far as possible along the hidden cupboard wiring, from the closet to drag to the bed. The rest of the horizontal part is buried in the gap beside the bed and covered with a mat.

The whole layout not close to look closely, can not find at all ~

After lights out that night, the owls began to stir again, and I couldn't wait to start experimenting. As with several other students, pretending to play a mobile phone, the actual has begun to quietly wired, quite underground intelligence staff feel.

When the last share was caught, the smooth gameplay immediately appeared to stutter. After all, the whole building is in this LAN, the number of broadcast packets is quite large.

Only listen to the game left the background music, but no sound!

Thinking about 100Mbps of traffic from the hands of the network cable pinched through, as if to see the dense ARP, NetBIOS broadcast flashed in the dark-and the little poor, squeezed out of the game packet.

The commotion erupted again in the afternoon. Although it is much less after lights out, it is clearly clearer in the night environment.

Most of the disconnects are not reconciled, but also want to continue to play. This time, do not intend to be so violent, in case the circuit detection triggered, perhaps the entire building was sealed.

So, change to catch a few seconds, disconnect. To catch or disconnect again. The game can run, but it is constantly stuck. Before long, there was a warm sound of the shutdown, washed and slept.

First battle I finally got a good night's sleep.

Modified V1

The first few days, the effect is very ideal, we all obediently early to sleep.

But it didn't take long for them to find out that the Internet was going to recover. The reason is very simple, the elder brother fell asleep before the line released, so they started the madness.

It's much more difficult to get a network cable back in a daze. Often the irrelevant also wrapped together, the result is no effect.

As a result, a user experience improvement is required.

In fact, three of these strands are pre-glued and actually control a stock. It is better to hide the three shares in advance, leaving only one side, so that it will not be wrong.

Changed the cable to re-create. This time, directly to the 3 of them with adhesive tape, hidden behind the closet, only to leave a drag up. The line is also a lot thinner.

This is the same as the circuit switch. A total of two lines, catch or separate on the line.

Even in the sleep, you just need to move your finger, you can easily control the entire network of the building!

Modified v2

However, such a simple equipment, there will always be a time of operation error.

In the middle of a weekend, after being woken up all night, I took a hard line and went on sleeping. Did not expect this time too sleepy, directly sleep the past. It was not until 10 in the morning that he was awakened by a knock.

Originally thought is next door classmate, but knocks constantly, open after found in a carry tool bag uncle. At this time, only suddenly realized that the network cable forgot to disconnect!!! The whole night was broken, and all the doors were coming!

At this time also too late to pack, thought this time finally to dew. But the master glanced away and found our table was clean and nothing. Only a notebook is open and not turned off. Then came forward to unplug the network cable, and then left.

Fortunately, there is an urgent need to improve the escape from this robbery.

It is ideal if you can turn it on before you go to sleep and automatically close it when you fall asleep. No longer need to sleep with the idea to disconnect.

So I'm going to make an elastic switch that must be pressed to turn on, release and close. The body relaxes after falling asleep and automatically disconnects.

After some improvement, the switch is extremely concealed: plug two wires into a sock, stuffed with cotton, and so on. The normal line is separate, but gently downward pressure will take hold, release and return to normal.

But the socks pinch in the hand is also strange, so hid in the back of the foot. At this point, whenever the night is noisy, as long as the toes a little bit on tiptoe, the surrounding atmosphere immediately becomes exceptionally quiet.

In total, it cost two dollars to build the equipment, allowing the toes to control the network status of thousands of people, it is really a sense of accomplishment:)

Not long, we seem to find the law, as long as the sound too loud net will card, but helpless and can not find the reason. So all become obediently quiet on the internet. (especially funny every time I think about it)

Of course, the device was only put into use for half a year. The second semester everybody installed the computer, so happily together all night the Internet.

What computer skills does the "reprint" programmer have to make the layman feel magical?

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