What happens when HP's computer suddenly shuts down automatically?

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HP computer suddenly automatic shutdown solution one:

First, check is not a hardware problem, respectively, check the power supply, memory CPU, fan chassis reset, if you are ignorant of computer hardware, it is recommended to get the computer professional repair point to check the repair, please do not own manual operation, be careful no problem hardware let you get into a problem;

Check for CPU, video card. Hard disk, the motherboard temperature is too high to cause the computer always shuts down, you can add a temperature real-time monitoring suspension window on the desktop, at any time can detect whether beyond the normal temperature of the computer hardware, operating methods are as follows:

Open Jinshan Guardian "settings", into the suspension window tag, check "Show hardware temperature" can be, when your computer hardware temperature exceeds normal temperature, suspension window computer hardware temperature will be red color.

Second, and then check whether the virus trojan caused, please download the Golden Hill Guardian Trojan killing.

1, into the main interface into the "Killing Trojan"

2, and then click on "Quick Scan" can

Third, the final check is not some application software settings, such as downloading application software, anti-virus software, and so on, and then check the scheduled task has not set the task of automatic shutdown.


1. Heat dissipation is not good. Due to the effect of weather temperature or the CPU fan is not enough to cause the system overheating, resulting in automatic shutdown of the computer, it is recommended to check the system temperature is normal.

2. Memory reason. When the memory and the motherboard slot contact loose can also cause the computer to shut down automatically, it is recommended to check the memory and the motherboard plugged in.

3. Power supply problem. Lack of power supply is also an important factor that causes computer automatic shutdown.

4. Software factors. As a result of viruses or trojans caused by computer shutdown is also everywhere, especially the recent popular shock wave, the virus will cause the system after the restart and shutdown. If you are using a Windows 2000 or Windows XP system, it is recommended that you use antivirus software after the shock wave on the timely patch, the general problem can be solved.

The solution to the sudden automatic shutdown of HP computer two:

Reason one: The computer hardware heat dissipation is not good, causes the automatic shutdown.

Failure reason: Host heat is bad, power supply fault, motherboard malfunction, may cause computer to shut down automatically or restart automatically repeatedly. More common is the computer processor (CPU) heat dissipation, temperature is too high, causing the computer repeatedly restarted.

Solution: Check the computer CPU fan is damaged, such as damage in a timely manner, to keep the computer working environment ventilated well, if the notebook is best to add a cooling base.

Reason two: computer software problems

Failure reason: Win2000 or WinXP system default settings, if the boot process of a program run error, the system will restart again, if the problem is more serious will make the computer repeatedly restart.

Workaround: Press F8 at startup--select "Safe Mode"--enter "control Panel" in the System--"system"--"advanced"--select "Startup and Recovery". Finally, the "System Failure" column "automatic restart" before the check can be removed.

Reason three: computer power problem

Failure reason: The system with an optical drive or a burner, when two devices work together, the power output current will be large fluctuations, heavy and lead to automatic restart.

Solution: Replace the good quality of the power supply can be.

Reason four: computer memory reason

Failure phenomenon: The system installs is the general bulk memory, normally works normally, when runs the large-scale game the time will automatically restart.

Workaround: You can try to set the memory CL value to 3 or 3.5 in the BIOS and reduce the system FSB bus frequency appropriately; If the memory works in dual channel mode, it is best to choose the same brand of the same speed products, so as to ensure the stable operation of the system.

Reason five: Improper motherboard BIOS setup

Failure phenomenon: The system runs large software about 10 minutes after the automatic shutdown, initially suspected that the CPU temperature is too high, but with software testing CPU temperature is still within the normal range.

Workaround: Enter the BIOS setting, the "Shutdown temperature" value in the "PC Health" project can be adjusted appropriately.

Reason six: Strip problem

Fault phenomenon: Due to computer host, monitor, audio, scanners and other devices are connected to a power plug board, the weather will automatically restart the wet.

Solution: In addition to the first choice of quality-stable brand strip, it is best to use the host strip and other equipment used by the separation.

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