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A few days ago, a netizen "hanbing" asked a small part of why Google is now always open? In view of this problem, in fact, the author has also introduced, has been looking for the way to open Google. Google search engine as a world-renowned search engine, in search technology has a certain advantage, because sometimes will find the results will be more accurate than Baidu, and Google Maps is also a lot of friends like, but if Google can not open, then we will not experience Google search and Google Maps and other services

The next Test Google can not open the solution, it will allow you to open Google Oh. There are a lot of impractical methods on the Internet, but some methods are tested and effective. (This time again updated with the latest version of Baidu Browser 7.0 example, the old version of many students will not use, or detailed to teach everyone)

Software Name:

Baidu Browser mom and dad version v7.0 official latest installation version


1. First, we look at how Google can not open, are unable to display the Web page, previously open, but not very stable. The following is a map that Google can't open:

2. The latest method is that we use the browser plug-in Google Access assistant to visit Google, support the application plug-in browser can be, we are here to the latest version of Baidu Browser Application Center for example.

3. First download the latest version of Baidu Browser, installed, open Baidu Browser, click on Baidu Browser right corner of the Application Center icon, open the application.

4. Open Baidu Browser should be in the heart after the search in the Application Center to find Google Access assistant, and then installed on it.

5. After the installation of success, Baidu browser right corner of the Google Access assistant icon, so that can be opened through Baidu browser Google.

6. Can also support the application plug-in Chrome browser, 360 browser, Cheetah Browser, Sogou browser to achieve the same function as Baidu Browser.

7. In fact, there is a search called AOL, it is called Google data, it is recommended that you use this search or check the site Google rankings. The following figure:

Attention matters

IE browser is not supported, you must have a browser that can support plug-in applications.

The above is a close test of Google can not open the solution, I believe that we will not open how to solve the Google has been understood, for the likes of Google Maps and search for friends to use.

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