What if the camera doesn't open?

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What if the camera doesn't open?

In the Windows Vista operating system, because of the compatibility of Vista system, often encounter the camera can not open, this problem baffled many people. So what is the solution? It is to manually open the camera to prevent the software from opening itself.

Specific methods:

1. Right-click computer → properties → Device Manager → image devices on Windows Vista's My computer, and then locate the driver name of the camera and record it.

2. Return to the Windows Vista System desktop, click the "Start" menu, find the same program name (if not, you can search for the name of your record in the system), right click on the program, choose to send a shortcut menu to the desktop, then the system desktop has the camera shortcut icon.

Note: Because Vista's Windows image Acquisition (WIA) service (which provides image capture services for scanners and cameras) no longer provides the ability to display the camera icon in the resource manager.

When everyone in the use of QQ, MSN, UC chat process, or need to run the camera alone, you can run the camera in this way to make the necessary adjustments.

Other Open methods:

If the camera itself has a shot shutter, click to take a picture, so you can also hard start the camera (the system should have the corresponding camera video/photo I software, such as AMCap or VidCap, these two software can be stored as green software on your hard drive somewhere).

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