What if the computer can't turn on the machine?

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1, the computer can normally turn on the power supply, and COMs self-test, but is not able to start the operating system. The cursor flashes on a black screen, prompting: "Press any key to Restar computer."

1 The solution to this situation is to check whether there is a floppy disk in the floppy drive. Why to do this, because a lot of people's machine coms set first boot from the floppy disk, while the drive in the floppy disk just because of the negligence of the work and forget to take out the work of the disk, not the system boot disk, system startup can not find the boot file, of course, not start up.

2 Another situation is the boot type virus. When the check coms set correctly, the other equipment is working properly, you should think of the machine is poisoned. The solution is, of course, antivirus, someone asked: The machine can not start, how to antivirus ah? Why not, in COMs the "Boot first drive" setting from the CD-ROM, save settings, restart, the first find a good with anti-virus software CD into the CD drive, run antivirus program kill. General poisoning documents are Boot.ini,system.ini,win.ini and other system files. Reboot the computer, does the computer start properly? I've been in this situation n times, it's all done.

2, some time (more than half an hour) no computer, start when the computer automatically restarted, sometimes a continuous restart several times, and then the normal log on, then the system will be prompted just to recover from a serious error. After that, the computer can work correctly, even if it works for several hours without making any mistakes. And it is completely normal to reboot again at this time (even after shutdown). The same is true for reinstalling the system.

This problem is relatively large, generally not the software aspect of the cause, is likely to be a hardware failure. Some of the machine configuration is not very good, a certain hardware, especially the motherboard performance, quality is not guaranteed, in the computer startup needs to preheat, otherwise there will be "power off" phenomenon, so that the computer restart. The solution is to use the replacement parts method to locate. If you are confident that the motherboard is in the tricks, you can shut down for 10 minutes and reboot.

3, press the power button no response, other electrical work is normal, indicating the normal power supply.

1 Check the power cord connecting the computer;

2 Check if there is no power to the computer;

3 Check the hard drive has no power;

4 Check the power button power jumper is normal;

5 check whether the motherboard power supply, if not, the computer is probably the power of the hang;

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