What if the computer's local connection is not connected?

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Computer local connection is not connected to this problem if it appears on your computer, I think a lot of people will solve it right away, because you don't want to go online without solving the problem. There are many reasons for this problem, and we are going to analyze it slowly. Let's take a look at the reasons for this problem and how to solve it


Local connection does not have a link on the reason

1: Network cable damage or cable interface loose

2: The network card driver has been deleted, or just installed the system, this system does not have network card driver.

3: The hole in the router or the hole in the computer is broken.


The solution to the reason one

You only need to look at the rear of the chassis to connect the cable hole lights are not bright, if there is no problem with the light proof line, the mouth did not send. Most of the time with a sudden hint of this, are the interface loose, especially a lot of network cable permanently will not be fixed in the hole, so the daily use of sometimes the interface loose.


The solution to reason two:

From other computers to download a suitable driver for your network card, and then rely on your computer to install, or you back up the drive, as long as you find the network card driver, and then double-click the installation on the line.


Solution for reason three:

Take another good network cable to try, in the end is the interface of which there is a problem, the normal computer interface is not a problem, generally appear in the router or adjust demodulator.

The above is about how the computer local connection does not connect. Now the computer appears this problem many people will handle, this article is mainly helps the computer small white to popularize this knowledge.

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