What if the desktop icon is missing?

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Displaying desktop icon Shortcuts is a very useful feature in Windows systems. Faced with a large number of software programs full of the entire screen, you only need to click on the lower left corner of the display Desktop icon can return to the desktop, frequent use of display desktop icons have become the habit of most netizens, but some users in the case of careless , will display the desktop icon removed, face a large number of software programs every day full screen is helpless, in fact, to restore the icon is very simple, small set for this problem, to provide you with detailed graphics and text solutions.

  Three ways to show that desktop icons are missing

  The first method: in other computers to copy the icon to display the desktop, through the QQ or LAN tools to send their own computer, the specific way is right click on the lower left corner of the desktop to display the shortcut icon, select "Copy" in the pop-up menu, and then paste to QQ or other tools, File transfer to your computer, receive the copied display desktop shortcut icon, pull it into the lower left corner of the Quick toolbar can be

  The second way: access to my computer, open the C disk, press the "search" key or "ctrl+f", enter "*.SCF" in "All or part of the file name" to start the search, or enter "show Desktop. SCF", you will see the familiar Display Desktop icon in the search results, Pull it to the bottom left corner quick toolbar, problem solving

  The Third Way: Create a new text document (Notepad document), copy the following code into the text document content, and then click "Save As", the filename is written "Show desktop. SCF", Save type Select "All Files", save, You will find that cute display desktop icon appears on the desktop, and then pull it to the Quick toolbar, the same problem can be solved, the code is as follows






In short, any one of the above three methods can perfectly solve the problem that the desktop icon is missing.

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