What if the Excel line vertical axis value is inconsistent with the actual value?

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Excel line Vertical axis values are inconsistent with the actual values what to do? When you make an Excel chart line chart, you sometimes find that the ordinate axis is inconsistent with the actual raw data, and the vertical axis is much larger than the actual value. This example describes the causes of this phenomenon and how to solve the problem.

1. First look at the example, the maximum value in the original data is 7, but the maximum value of the vertical axis is 20.

2, do the right mouse button in the chart, select "Change chart type".

3, we hover the mouse over the current chart type button, you will see the current chart is "with data markers stacked line chart." This stacked graph adds values together, resulting in a graph reaction that is inconsistent with the actual value.

4, we choose the normal "with data marker line chart" and determine.

5, at this point, and then look at the chart, the vertical axis and the actual line chart displayed in the data label is the same.

6, the same, do column chart when it may also appear this problem, do not choose "stacked map" on it.

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