What if the desktop icon is not erased? Desktop icons can't erase the solution

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  Do you have the experience of installing a game or software, then found that there is a pop-up window and other malicious behavior, when you want to delete its game or software, the dialog box prompts have removed the software, but the shortcut icon is still on the desktop, but want to remove the desktop icon is found on the desktop icon can not be deleted.

Figure 1

If you encounter such rogue behavior, in the end how to do? And how do I remove the desktop icon? Don't worry, please look down, small make up for everyone to give advice.

First right in the blank space of the desktop-Properties desktop-Customize desktop

Figure 2

Now clean up the desktop-select clean icon-OK

Figure 3

Figure 4

If you cannot find the Desktop Cleanup Wizard, you can run Gpedit.msc to open the Group Policy Editor-User Configuration-Administrative Templates-desktop-disables the Remove Desktop Cleanup Wizard, and then moves on to the previous action.

If you cannot delete it, then the small part suggests that you delete it in Safe mode. Reboot the computer, press F8 to enter Safe mode, and remove the desktop icon in Safe mode.

It also collects a new way to delete desktop icons on the web and share them here.

Homemade gadgets to deal with stubborn files:

Save the following code as the "Remove Desktop icon. Bat" format, and then run: (Here the small set has been made of files, we download decompression can be used, click Download Delete Desktop icon. bat)


@echo off

If [%1]==[] Goto 1

del/a/q/f nul ">?%1>nul 2>nul

RD/S/q nul ">?%1>nul 2>nul

Echo, see for yourself.

ping/n 2 127.1>nul 2>nul


: 1

Title forcibly deleted



Echo ==================================

echo Please drag the file/directory to this ...

Echo ==================================

set/p "hx= wait for operation ..."

del/a/q/f nul ">?%hx%>nul 2>nul

RD/S/q nul ">?%hx%>nul 2>nul

Echo has been removed, thank you ...

ping/n 2 127.1>nul 2>nul

Goto 1


The deletion of things to drag in, generally can be deleted, I hope to be useful to you. The little weave tried it, and it really worked.

Figure 5

The desktop icon is ready to be deleted.

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