What if the Windows 10 settings option does not start or open?

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Failure phenomenon:

Since Windows 10 was released, many friends have encountered problems with the settings option in Windows 10 that cannot be started or opened, and the application store program cannot open.


Now Microsoft has released a troubleshooter to help users fix and fix the annoying little problems that the settings option doesn't start or open.

Some Windows 10 users reported that they were unable to open the "settings" option after the installation or upgrade, and Microsoft issued an emergency hotfix after receiving the report.

Microsoft has categorized the problem as issue 67758, and has introduced a hotfix that assists user troubleshooting, which users can use to quickly locate and solve the problem.

When you download and open the hotfix, you will see the following interface:

When you see Fix or work around emerging issue 67758 prompts, click Next to continue.

The tool automatically scans your system and determines whether the fix is applicable to your system and automatically reports and tries to resolve it if it finds a problem.

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