What if the keyboard keys fail?

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the steps for the operation are as follows

1. Disassemble the keyboard. Note that when you open the keyboard, be sure to the button face (that is, we operate the side) downward, the circuit board up, or each button on the conductive plastic will fall off, to your repair brought trouble.

2, open circuit board, circuit boards are generally made of soft plastic film, the above engraved with the button line, with the concentration of the best in more than 97% alcohol cotton (more than 75% of the medical alcohol cotton can also, because I have used, but preferably with a high concentration of alcohol cotton) gently on the circuit board scrub two times. We need to take care of the line for the key-failure part.

3, see the key failure part of the conductive plastic, if the above accumulated a lot of dirt, the same use of alcohol scrubbing. If there is damage to conductive plastic, then the author suggests that you can not use the conductive plastic on the key to the damaged part, although this "Peter Paul" action can not let the keyboard play all the functions, but at least can extend the life of commonly used buttons

4, remove the dirt in the corner of the keyboard, tools can be used brush, small brush, etc., but to pay attention to the action to be gentle.

5, to see if the welding module has no virtual welding or off welding, if you will use electric iron, you can repair welding work. Of course this step only applies to friends who will use the electric iron, will not use the friend, please skip this step

6. Pack the keyboard well. One thing to be aware of here is that you have to wait until the alcohol is volatile and clean.

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