What if the PDF file can't be printed?

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What if the PDF file can't be printed?

Possible reasons ⒈) if it is not an important document, the network can find a lot of words, we recommend downloading other similar PDF files to try, although the PDF may appear above the original author restrictions, but not many, so if convenient, it is recommended to search for similar content PDF file and then print.

Possible reasons ⒉) if it is difficult to find the file, there is a way, but we need to use a software: Pdfspliter.

Pdfspliter is a very popular software, the main function is to multiple pages of large PDF, split into a number of Single-page small PDF format, and can be set up a number of monitoring folders, automatic batch conversion.

  Cracked PDF file can not print the solution is as follows:

Step One: First open the Pdfspliter software, the following figure:

First Open the Pdfspliter software

Step Two: Find the toolbar "PDF Merge", click to enter the following figure:

Select PDF Merge

Step three, open the PDF file can not print, click "Open", then click "Start" merged, the following figure:

PDF Merge Interface

Step four: After you wait for the pdf file to merge, we save the merged new file as a desktop, recommended on the desktop, and then to the desktop to find the file can be, after we go to print the merged PDF file will be found not to be copyright and other password restrictions, you can print the normal, interested friends may wish to refer to the following.

In fact, there is a PDF file Merge tool, because the original file because of copyright issues, the original author of the document such as modification and printing restrictions, resulting in the printer can not print normally, but we use professional PDF file merging software, to merge to solve such problems, of course, we can also work with PDF recover , adult PDF Password recovery and other tools to achieve.

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