What if the router does not restart the network?

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Router reboot does not cause:

1, changed the router settings, such as the modified WiFi wireless password, modified broadband account password and so on;

2, IP address conflict;

3, changed the router DNS address.

Router reboot after the network solution:

First, think about it, before restarting the router has made some of the router settings changes, such as the change of WiFi wireless password, broadband account changes are wrong, and so on. If you modify the WiFi wireless password, and the computer still remembers the old password, then the computer will not connect to the wireless network, the way is to modify the WiFi password in the computer, the specific methods are as follows:

1 in the name of the wireless network connected to the computer, right-click and select Properties, as shown in the following figure.

2 in the Open Wireless network properties, check "display display characters" and then "network security secret key" after the password, changed to a new WiFi wireless password, click on the bottom of the "OK" can be connected to the normal, as shown in the following figure.

If you are a mobile phone user, in WLAN wireless settings, first ignore the current connected network, then connect again will pop up a new password landing box, enter a new password login can.

Second, the IP address conflict will also cause the router can not be restarted after the Internet, this situation is mostly due to the same LAN, there are 2 or more computers set up the same local IP address, resulting in the LAN internal IP conflict, the solution is to check the computer or smartphone static IP settings, It is recommended that you try to set the local IP address to automatically obtain.

III. changing the router DNS address causes the router to reboot and not be able to surf the internet

Generally speaking, do not recommend that you modify the DNS address of the router, generally we are to modify the computer's DNS address. If the router DNS address is modified, it is recommended to change it back to the default automatic acquisition.

* Note: If you modify the router WiFi password or DNS address, you need to restart the router to be effective, if you encounter a router reboot can not access the Internet, but also to think about whether the wireless password or DNS has been set, but did not restart. Only after the restart is in effect, the fault occurs, so the router settings need to be checked again.

Iv. other reasons

Other causes of the router restart can not be connected to the Internet, the main possible network broadband line just in the restart during the problem, routers or cats and other network equipment itself failure, etc., this failure can contact the network service providers door-to-door troubleshooting.

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