What if the UC Browser cannot open the downloaded file?

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Sometimes use the UC browser to download a thing, but can not open it, this how to do? UC Browser can not open the downloaded file How to do? Do you want to know? If you want to know, please follow the small weave together to see the UC Browser can not open the download file solution!

UC Browser can not open the downloaded file There are three ways to solve:

1, when open the download file appears "Invalid file", "file corruption" and other prompts, first confirm that the download file size with the download source is consistent. Downloading files when the network connection is unstable may cause the file download to be incomplete. If this is the case, downloading the file again will generally solve the problem.

2, UC Browser "break-through" download function may not support some sites good, causes the download to be unusual, cannot complete the file downloading, then may attempt to use the own browser to carry on the file downloading, if can use the browser to carry on the file downloading, please feedback to the customer service personnel, assists us to consummate the software.

3, in addition, the quality of data card problems will also lead to such prompts, can be repaired by the data card to solve the problem.

What do you think? The three solutions provided for you solve your problem? The above three solutions to solve the general problem should be no problem, go to try it!

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