What if the Wi-Fi connection signal in win7 is weak?

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What if the Wi-Fi connection signal in win7 is weak?

WiFi has become a part of our lives. whether in the home or office, as long as there is a Wi-Fi signal, mobile phones, laptops, tablets can be connected to the Internet. Some users found that the Wi-Fi network signal on the laptop Windows 7 system was weak, and they often couldn't open the webpage, or the network was intermittent, which affected normal operations. How can we solve the problem of weak Wi-Fi signal at this time? The following describes three methods to solve the problem of weak Wi-Fi signal.

The specific method is as follows:

1. wireless transmission power is not suitable. If the wireless transmission power of the router is adjustable, you can log on to the console interface of the router. Generally, in "advanced functions" or "Advanced Wireless Settings, increase the wireless power to the maximum.

2. improper placement of routers if there are many rooms, the Wi-Fi signal of a wireless router may not penetrate all walls to cover all rooms. Generally, the routers are placed in the center of the room, which can take into account the Wi-Fi signal coverage of each room in the room. If the center still cannot cover all rooms perfectly, you can consider adding one or two wireless routers to expand the Wi-Fi signal coverage in each room, it is best to use a network cable connection between the added router and the primary router to ensure the perfect coverage of indoor Wi-Fi signals and high network accessibility.

3. interference from other radio equipment the frequency of wireless routers used in the home is usually 2.4 GB, which is vulnerable to interference from other 2.4G frequency radio equipment in the space area, you can replace the 2.4G wireless mouse and other devices that interfere with Wi-Fi.

The above three methods are used to solve the problem that the Wi-Fi network connection signal is weak in win7. After the settings, we will find that the Wi-Fi signal is much stronger than before. If you are still confused about this problem, refer to the above solution.

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