What if the Win7 system does not display the desktop after boot

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What if the Win7 system does not display the desktop after boot

Reason Analysis:

In general, this occurs when the system file is corrupted and the error is caused by a light setting.

Situation one: There is a taskbar, the icon is hidden


1, right click on the desktop, select "View"-"Display Desktop Icon", so that the icon on your desktop will appear;

Situation two: Only background pictures, click the desktop does not respond


1, simultaneously presses the keyboard "Esc+shift+ctrl" These three keys, these three keys must simultaneously press. When the system is no problem, the task manager should appear;

2, under the "Application" to find "Explorer.exe" right click, select "Knot speed Process", and then click "File"-"new" is, Input: Explorer Click OK, the desktop can be displayed.

Situation three: The virus causes


1, you reboot, and constantly press the keyboard F8 key into the safe mode;

2, open your computer installed antivirus software, virus killing, if not installed to kill soft, you can use a U disk to another computer to download a "360 First aid box", copied to the computer to extract the virus killing, the general killing after the end of the restart can enter the system.

Situation four: System files are missing


We need to reinstall the operating system to resolve.

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